Consolidated Immigration Issues Thread


Illegals are not “leaving California in droves”, you can tell that lie everyday but it won’t become true.

CITIZENS are leaving California, business owners who have been devastated by our embrace of criminals are leaving California; those who must pay taxes are the ones leaving.

You and Pelosi can claim the blessings of importing Welfare recipients all you want, there is already a perfect example for all to see as to much of a “blessing” it is.


Did too, between 2010 and 2016, they went to Texas; the only State which saw its illegal pop increase in the Obama years, because it was just about the only one with a good economy.


So did I.
California was ignoring the federal law which restricted illegals from getting welfare benefits, the same law that was the basis for Friedman’s defense of open borders and my own.

Proposition 187 was simply a state statute which would force our own government to RESPECT THE FEDERAL LAW.

That is why the case was heard in a FEDERAL COURT and their ruling was based on a FEDERAL STANDARD; the United States Constitution.

Every aspect of the Proposition was rejected, even the parts which were direct quotes from the Federal Law, congress never changed any part of the Federal law but it is UNENFORCABLE and IGNORED today.

Of course congress can and does “restrict natives and qualifying aliens” because congress is the entity that creates and defines the “benefits”; but once those benefits are created they cannot be refused to anyone based on their immigration status after 1999.

Ever heard of a Federal case brought against California for giving federally mandated welfare benefits to illegals? NO YOU HAVE NOT.

How about a case against California ADVERTISING ON SPANISH RADIO AND TV ads that promise they can get full benefits and will never be turned in for their illegal status? NO YOU HAVE NOT.

For almost 20 years the citizens of the United States have been funding federal welfare programs that have been given to illegal immigrants, that is a FACT and you know it; so does every Democrat because that FACT is their only hope for electoral dominance.

Your whole Party has given up on gaining popularity with any other other demographics; they have Unions, the Racists, the abortionists and the various religious freak groups like the gay mafia and Enviro-Nazis.

This patchwork coalition cannot deliver consistent victories, you need another 10 percent from somewhere and you have no objection to importing millions upon millions of Welfare rats to get you over the hump.


That is a lie no matter how many times you tell it.

Please show us all the register of names and addresses of all the California illegal immigrants who packed up and moved to Texas; also include their current address in Texas since you know this happened.

Which of course you cannot, you simply create these claims by applying ludicrous metrics to other numbers which will conveniently draw the conclusion you want to be true.

The only people fleeing California in droves are those forced into poverty by our subsidized labor market of illegals and those whose jobs have been rendered “illegal” by your Party’s regulatory vengeance against the private sector. We also lose businesses to other States like Texas if they do something that does not require being here; WE DO NOT LOSE ILLEGALS TO ANYPLACE.


Prop 187 was doing more than just blocking welfare; it was also blocking emergency services and schools. It was going beyond what the Federal law called for, and ruling on people before the Feds did so themselves.

That was looked at as California encroaching on Federal jurisdiction.

It doesn’t change that a citizenship/INS paper for welfare itself does exist, and is enforced. Certainly no court has struck down the 2006 Bush measure to require the test, even though it clearly impacted somebody.


The California illegal population fell, while it grew in Texas. Even FAIR cops to that.

You chased out people of low income, with their #1 destination being, according to your own legislature’s report, Texas.

Citizens use more welfare than either legal or illegal immigrants; if they can’t afford to stick around, it explains why the illegals are also leaving for greener pastures.


Texas’ illegal population came into Texas from across the Rio Grande…NOT from “migration” from Kalifornia, and you KNOW that, AS.


And California. We have some of them here in Colorado too. My illegal coworker from el Salvador, legalized in California. Only to lose status here, and getting himself caught at the airport.


Which is irrelevant since they struck down each element of the law specifically, that is why illegals suck up boatloads of Welfare today.

And as expected, nothing of substance to back up your fairy tale about illegal immigrants “leaving California in droves”.

Take a wild guess as to whether anyone is shocked by that.


Citizens also commit more murders than illegal immigrants, should we import more murderers as well?

You insert endless non sequitur after endless non sequitur and you still think you are in the fight.

You either know NOTHING of what you speak or you do know but are counting on influencing those who don’t with your fairy tales; but whichever is true the only possible motivation is a desire to secure your despicable Party a permanent super majority throughout the United States.


You’re shifting the goalposts RET; the question is whether there is an citizenship/legal requirement (there is)

and whether its enforced (it is.) And whether they clear & open access to all forms welfare (they don’t.)

They don’t have unimpeded access to welfare. What services they use, is disproportionately emergency health, and public education.

Some do have access to food stamps, but as the USDA itself reported, illegals are reluctant to use it, partially out of ignorance, partially out of fear.

Just as with SS and ITINs, you can’t say that I’m lying, when its the very people running these things saying it.

No RET, I’m not going to buy your “misunderstanding” BS. Their words are clear as day.

? Yes I do, PEW’s been tracking this for years:

Illegal immigration peaked in 2007 RET.

As quoted elsewhere, Trump’s own appointed head of Customs & Border Protection has stated we’re in a 46-year low for migrants right now. It’s apart of declining trend that goes back to 2007.


I don’t buy your assumptions. The economy, and its autonomy, is more important than welfare.

There is no excuse to appoint Government economic God, due to things caused by its own idiocy. You can’t make that argument to me. It’s circular reasoning.


Illegals are not fleeing California in droves, illegals are applying for Welfare and receiving it.

Those are facts and you know it, all of your claims that it helps us are BS.


I have illegal alien coworkers, from California. And legal aliens. And Syrian Refugees (as clients— well actually the gate guard of the client, anyway) who were first in Germany, then California, then here.

No RET, I don’t buy it. You’re losing illegals, because they use less welfare than natives, and can no better afford your ridiculous prices and your mandatory solar roofs. Along with anyone else who can add.


Well, don’t I have egg on my face now!

Here I was thinking that living in the precise center of the largest illegal alien concentration (millions) in the United States and working in the same economic sectors that illegals work in for the last 40 years was a good basis for knowing what is going on; but now that I know you have some friends in Colorado who are illegals from California I must have been a fool to challenge your assessment!

As ridiculous as this claim is for the basis of “illegals are leaving California for Texas in DROVES” it still is less hilarious than when you tried arguing this garbage with Dave by saying that you could tell the numbers based on what grocery stores were selling.

Try not to have a coronary when your Party gets spanked tomorrow, and remember IT IS ALL THE RUSSIANS FAULT :wink:


Course you do; we have legal restrictions on welfare, they are enforced, and courts haven’t objected to it.

You tried to deny this, yet the 2006 measure by the Bush administration shows the opposite.

The basis is because your own state authorities have admitted that people of low income are leaving California, for Texas.

Illegals don’t have access to welfare anymore than natives do, so trying to suggest illegals can stay in California because welfare is buoying them, doesn’t hold up.

If poor people, generally, aren’t getting enough welfare to do that, then illegals are in the same boat.

What I see in my coworkers (and customers) is just a low-level confirmation of the trend; California housing prices are ridiculous, and people who don’t earn close to $50,000 a year, are jumping ship.

I’m a registered Republican. You sure that’s what you want? :wink:


Yeah, I know a bunch of them personally and none are illegal aliens.

They are citizens who got tired of living in their cars while illegals went home every night to government subsidized home; the same illegals who could work for half the cost of living because the citizens pay their bills at gunpoint.

They lost their homes, their cars and everything else they had worked for trying to survive in a labor market where their competition had most of the staples free and no laws of any kind to bother following.

You don’t know a damn thing, some of the finest families I have ever known have been forced out this State because they refused to go on Welfare and work under the table like their illegal competition.

Texas has been their favorite destination although I have warned them that your Party is implementing the same strategy in Texas that they used to turn California into a 3rd world poverty haven.

I guess they will have to ride that train of misery one more time, you guys are nothing if not experts at deception.


Sure, so was Arnold Schwarzenegger


Oh so when you know people personally; that counts, but when I know people personally, I’m just showing bias or poor judgement?

Nope, no double standard here. :rofl:

My El Salvadorean coworker legalized in California back in the 90’s, through some high school program they were running at the time. He left California for exactly the reasons I stated. There was no welfare backing him up to stay.

Same to a refugee from Czechoslovakia, whose the shop mechanic.

About 1/3 of my coworkers are immigrants. People from Iraq, Iran, Mexico, Ghana… and through talking to them, I’m pretty sure I know better than most what Immigrants go through.

It’s all because I ask. Most people don’t bother to do that. They’d rather just armchair everything.


Yeah, you’re “pretty sure” that “immigrants” and “illegal immigrants” are the same thing because you have “talked to them”.

And it just happens to support your agenda for creating a dependent class.