Consolidated Immigration Issues Thread


Pretty sure I didn’t. Pretty sure I’m not describing my desire at all, but the reality;

You either have high legal immigration, or a black market in labor. Total immigration is not controlled by policy, but by socio-economic factors on the ground.

Your choice as to which it is. It’s clear which one results in compliance, and which has more externalities no one likes.


Just to be clear, I am not arguing with Napolitano because I don’t care enough about the opinions of people who have zero idea what is happening on the illegal immigration front; but if he did in fact say that immigration is a natural right then he is just as wrong as you are.

Nobody has a natural right to other people’s property or labor, that is the opinion of Communists but they are as wrong as you can possibly be.


If I bring my cousin from Italy over, you don’t have an excuse to block me.

That’s his example, and it neither violates your property or “labor”.

Same to farmers who harbor workers on their land. They don’t violate anything of yours either.


You have no right to give away other people’s property or labor without their consent, regardless of who you want to give their property and labor to.


I’m not doing that by bringing over family or someone I know from the old country.

I’m not violating anyone’s rights by doing that.


Well, some of it is out of necessity…

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Which would imply I changed my mind somewhere? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


No. It would imply that you’re often a flake!


Which would imply I change my mind. Or that I agreed to do something, but didn’t follow through.

Follow through for me is evidence; which is why I resort to it so often.


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Technically, we don’t have the “right” to break a law. In reality, it still may be right to break a law, if obeying said law involves breaking God’s laws. And we may get punished for it. Just ask the Christians in China, or in Muslim countries . . .


There’s one form of law between Man’s law and Divine law, and that’s Natural Law.

The Founder’s themselves referenced it in writing the Declaration of Independence; it’s what the King and Parliament violated.

Thus, their rebellion was justified.