Consolidated Immigration Issues Thread


I see the discussion has moved on… well enough, no longer really interested in reading the same error repeated back using different words, as if that will make it less erroneous.


Quit your obfuscating Dave.

This was a red herring to begin with, and it’s a red herring now.

I never talked about militia requirements on this board before, so this is complete and utter bull on your part.

Complete and utter bull.

None of this, not one letter, changes the textualist definition of the 10th amendment, or the Constitution.

Not one letter, changes that secession is not a unilateral right.

Nor that history completely curb stomps the idea that it exists.

It’s Confederate Revisionism to assert it exists, and you can neither do nor say anything to deny it.


Perhaps you’ve forgotten what this thread is about, AS…to be charitable. It’s the “Consolidated Immigration Issues, Thread.” It’s NOT the “10th Amendment” or “confederate revisionism” thread. It’s about “immigration”. In particular, about ILLEGAL immigration and what to do about it. If you want it to be about either the 10th Amendment or the Constitution, then YOU start your own thread(s). You DON’T know what you’re talking about vis a vis the “militia” and what the term means and to whom it refers.