Consolidated Immigration Issues Thread


Because he’s a moron, maybe??? Illegals are sucking up $80K in government benefits PER PERSON, PER YEAR. He (Friedman) has to explain to us just HOW that “benefits” us before I’ll EVER take anything he says seriously.


Because when Friedman made that quote the Welfare State was a tiny fraction of what it is today and there were no “Sanctuary States”, in fact Friedman died before our current conditions were even implemented.

His comments are based entirely on an economic basis as it relates to a free labor market, your position is to support a SUBSIDIZED labor market where illegals are protected from competition in the labor market from legal citizens.

Friedman had intellectual integrity, your agenda is only to create an insurmountable majority of dependent voters for the Extreme Left.


He will never acknowledge that reality.

He will not acknowledge that reality. It does not fit his narrative.


It does, because I’m not for illegal labor.

Illegal labor is the result of overregulation, and letting too few legal workers in.

My position is let in more legal workers.


Of course not. You’re for undocumented, unregulated, subsidized foreign labor being decriminalized while ‘native’ labor struggles to pay for it and still survive with the jackboot of an oppressive regulatory state crushing the economic life out of them. Being “undocumented” is a HUGE competitive advantage, and many, many illegals scoff at the idea of relinquishing it. Similarly, the businesses that hire illegals do so because it is to their economic benefit, right? Absent any consequences, these behaviors will continue until the blue collar middle class is completely exterminated.


I’m for a guest worker program. Not for amnesty; I’ve stated this repeatedly.

None I’ve talked to think this way. Especially if you have a family, being illegal is a hellish way to be.

Getting treatment at a hospital or a clinic is a risk, there aren’t many jobs you can openly apply to work in, so most scrape the bottom of the barrel.

The one I talk to the most is a Dad who had to work 3 jobs before he legalized through DACA. I don’t see anything about that being “easier” than what Americans go through.


Try and explain to us how one is “legalized through DACA”, AS. DACA is (and always WAS) illegal itself.


He paid back taxes, submitted background information, and after several years of waiting, got a green card.


BS. If he was illegal, he was here ILLEGALLY. DACA didn’t “legalize” any illegals. It was an unconstitutional scam from the get-go. Obama did via EO what he couldn’t get done legislatively and you simply CANNOT grant citizenship without Congressional participation at some stage of the process.


Yeah he was… until he got a green card. Which he wanted, rather than remaining illegal.

And a Green card is permanent residency Dave, not citizenship.


So the healthcare that I am forced at gunpoint to pay for him is not to his liking? How about the food I have to buy him, I certainly hope he is Okay with that, and don’t forget all of the multiple languages that are being taught in public schools that I have to pay for at gunpoint; I certainly hope his children’s language is covered.

It is so much better as a citizen with a gun in your face 365 days a year to pay for your illegals BEFORE we see a penny of our own earnings to support our own families, it pains me that we are not yet sacrificing enough to make them happy as they sleep in the homes I pay for.


The government giving this guy a “green card” doesn’t make him suddenly “legal” when he came here illegally in the first place, AS. It merely means that our corrupt government gave up trying to argue with him.


That may be how you feel about it Dave, but in practice the law doesn’t care how one legalizes, just that you do.

Having a green card means he’s legal; he pays taxes, the govt knows who and where he is.

I had another coworker who legalized through a high school program in the 90s. He remained legal until his permit expired.


Wrong, AS! There are THOUSANDS, if not HUNDREDS of thousands, of illegal aliens in the US, each walking around with a “green card” in his/her wallet or purse. A green card doesn’t make an illegal suddenly “legal.”


It’s fear that keeps them from using it.

Illegals overwhelmingly use free clinics or pay for their care out of pocket.

They’re afraid of taking Government assistance for non-emergency care, as that both provides a way for the govt to track you, and further excuse to be deported.

Hospitals deport people all the time.


I’m talking about a real one Dave. One the authorities gave to him.


What “authorities” gave an admitted illegal alien a “green card?”


There is absolutely no fear of this, every illegal knows before they even breach our borders that NO Welfare worker will EVER take any action which helps ICE do their job; there are entire networks setup to lead illegals every step of the way to the freebie pile and their entire community is filled with coaches who know every shortcut to every penny.

They are literally bankrupting Kalifornia but every year our politicians come up with new perks for them so they will keep voting for your Party; and every perk is just one more bullet in the gun that they keep pointed at my head to pay for it.


Urban Kalifornia isn’t the only experience RET. Illegals I’ve talked to describe the same thing.


USCIS. DACA was simply an extension of what they call “advance parole”.

And yes, people got green cards this way.