Consolidated Immigration Issues Thread


Yes, it is the only “experience”

It matters not how many criminals whine that they are not getting enough free stuff or that they want to have access to my stuff without any worries; they take it and they do it without hesitation.


It’s not though, and since illegals from California are leaving California to come here, that tells me there’s something about what happens there that you’re not telling me about, or that you don’t know.

Certainly I’ve never seen you explain why illegals would ever leave California, if welfare was as plentiful to overcome any concern about cost of living.


Illegals are not leaving Kalifornia, we are the illegal immigrant capital of the world.


I personally know two who came from California.

They cite cost of living and lack of work.


But I thought all those illegals were boosting California’s economy into the stratusphere…?


You kid, but that might actually be people who keep the Californian economy afloat, considering half of them, as you know, are visa overstays.

Silicon Valley doesn’t get enough H1B visas as it is; it’s no wonder they’d be protective of overstays.


Where exactly is there a “lack of work” anywhere in Kalifornia the last few years?

You invent narratives constantly because none of your arguments can withstand scrutiny.


Considering they came in 2014, when unemployment was over 8%?

Unemployment in California is always higher than the national average. I’m sure you know that.

Tied with better cost of living elsewhere, California hasn’t slowed its out-migration at all.

And yet, these persons are here in Colorado. Which once again, leads me to suspect there’s something you are either hiding, or don’t know.


Illegals get free housing in Kalifornia and they work under the table so your unemployment numbers are… Well, just as irrelevant as all of the government numbers you post.

You are making up people to create fake anecdotal evidence of something that is not happening on any significant level; your “illegal immigrant friends” do not exist anywhere except for your own mind.


Oh, you want me to throw in job creation figures too? If you keep using “under the table” as an excuse, I’ll soon be hearing from you that regulations have no actual impact.

Sorry RET, I’m not.

The fact you even want to say that, tells me you’re starting to realize what you’ve left out. You want things to be simple, but reality is more complicated.

If California’s open-handed welfare was enough to overcome cost of living or their over-regulated economy, people wouldn’t leave. Yet people are leaving in droves.

As Milton Friedman observed, Legal immigrants use more welfare than illegals; yet welfare isn’t doing much for the former, as I know plenty of them too. My Czech mechanic first came to America as an asylee in California; he’s here now.

Why things started for him in California I’m not aware; other than that was where his dad had set up shop.


Milton Friedman’s dead, AS. What he said about welfare may have been true years ago when it wrote it. Isn’t not true any longer.


He said it in the 2000s, and his point post the 1996 reform law only strengthened.

Legal immigrants take more, because they qualify for more. That never changed Dave.


Friedman never advocated importing Welfare Rats to improve the economy because Friedman was never a shill for the Democrat Party, you want to expand the dependent class as quickly as possible so your Party will never lose another election regardless of how badly they torch the economy; you want a national version of Kalifornia while Friedman supported actual free markets for EVERYONE.


He saw low skilled immigration that “supposedly” lowered wages was a good thing. Market dynamics created high wages to begin with, and immigration is simply apart of it.

Nope this is what I think:

Welfare is smaller than economics. By a large margin. There is no comparison when you look at dollar figures.
Using it to determine labor policy is backwards, and will never work. Government doesn’t have the perfect control you seem to think it does.

Equally, welfare doesn’t overcome economic matters; because the left is piss poor at designing systems that actually help the poor.

Rent control is front and center of that, along with blocking the construction of new apartments, because, gentrification:

You can yap at me all you like that there’s nothing stopping illegals living high off the hog on the taxpayers dime; All I need to do to unravel that is to point out how awful or ineffectual the Left’s programs for the poor have actually been.

Just as Milton Friedman would do.


BS, of course. Like the vast majority of your posts on this issue, AS. You ALWAYS fail to acknowledge the amounts of money --OUR money, BTW–that illegals scarf up under the table. You’ve NEVER explained how illegals can find places to live in Kalifornia when 6-figure-earners in the Tech industry find themselves living out of their own cars, just as one example.


There’s an example of it right there in the video I posted above Dave;

Rent-controlled housing on Mission street in San Diego; where the “council” is intentionally policing the racial content of the tenets. Because gentrification.

Meaning there’s a small group of privileged Latino owners/renters, while most of the rest go without (but they support the policy, thinking it will eventually trickle down to the rest of them.)


Which has nothing to do with importing Welfare rats which is what you want and claim Friedman would embrace.

You are not a supporter of free labor markets, you support a government protected subsidized labor class who are dependent upon the dole and impoverished in perpetuity.


This is exactly right and what is happening in front of me every single day, AS is very selective at which dollars he counts when he mentions how much it costs in welfare; the housing subsidies alone are more than the total average family income nationwide.

When you remove the greatest cost of living expense from one group of laborers and then call it a “free market” you are just building a political constituency.


I don’t but that they’re welfare rats RET; I think you’ve taken a handful of instances and made an assumption.

Legals and citizens use more, we’d all have to be “rats” for your description to stick.

Further, even Milton Friedman didn’t think Welfare was the real issue. He thought welfare was crude and imprecise, but that it largely went to the right people.

The real issue to him was the Social safety net; Social Security and Medicaid. They’re over half the Federal budget on their own, and are doomed to collapse. Despite perceptions, they’re also programs which illegals immigrants support in tax revenue, according to the people who run them.


Friedman was NEVER alive a single minute under the exhaustive Welfare State that we have today and “who gets more” is entirely irrelevant to the discussion just as it has ALWAYS been when you bring it up.

You misdirect then circle back over and over again trying to defend your dream dependency society, all the while claiming that you don’t want the results that places like Kalifornia have reaped as a result of embracing your ideas.

You believe in those ideas because they WORK for your real agenda, to insure a permanent super majority of extreme leftists at the national level just like in Kalifornia.