Consolidated Immigration Issues Thread


Your post brings to mind the movie. If you haven’t seen it, you should. Great Charleton Heston movie.


Eisenhower lowered illegal immigration by making it LEGAL. I can lower the burglary rate by making IT “legal”, too.


You said that’s not a problem, Slim. So were you lying then, or are you lying now? Either way, you’re a liar.


? I did not lie, no where did I deny there are uninoculated people.

You’re playing games again qix. Outrage BS is still BS.

And playing games is still being insincere.


Nope; they were screened, they had visas, they were put onto lists, they were matched with employers.

Actual illegal immigrants don’t do any of that.

Eisenhower solved the problem by using different means.


Nope: Eisenhower lowered illegal immigration by making illegals LEGAL. Period…end of discussion.


And he did it BEFORE the Welfare State when people in the United States had to support themselves; those who came here WANTED to be free and have opportunity as opposed to leaching off the citizens while hating the United States and everything it stands for.


Dave, you didn’t refute the point.

They had visas, they were screened, they were put on lists.

None of which illegal immigrants do.

You can’t explain this away. You haven’t even tried.


It’s so simple even a liberal should be able to understand it. Eisenhower rounded up a bunch of illegals and gave them work visas provided they had an American citizen to vouch for them. All that amounts to is “legalizing” illegal aliens…period.


You skipped more than half the process.

It started with them going to Farmers asking for names.

It continued with them putting sign up lists in Mexico.

And continued yet still with screening.

The same screening you’d go through if you entered the guest worker program some other way.

And which is equally more screening, than an actual illegal immigrant goes through. Which you can’t deny.


So, just to recap:

Illness by immigrants is low risk. The only case that can even be brought to leverage on it is one where no one died, and most of the infected were other migrants.

More people were put at risk by the outbreak in Portland caused by anti-vaxxers. Which itself barely anyone heard of.

What it comes down to, is that edge cases don’t drive policy. Not in a society that can prioritize.


What do you think OUR society is giving top “priority?” Hint: It ISN’T climate change, abortion on demand or open borders.


Which serves to prove the point.

The Spotlight fallacy makes people think edge cases are more prominent than they actually are.

It makes liberals think gun violence is rising.

it makes parents give into “stranger danger” and helicopter tactics.

The failure to prioritize threats, and contrast the aggregate of actual lived effects, means people allow their viewpoints to be reactive. Which when empowered creates poor or overactive policy.