Consolidated Immigration Issues Thread

Do you know that Soleimani’s daughter…she was the one that has threatened us with retaliation just lately, is an American citizen? Now I wonder what dumb ^$$ made that happen. WHY. is a terrorists daughter, a loving supportive daughter, allowed American citizenship. I don’t know but that sounds rather ill conceived to me.

If we had the legal systems of Kuwait, Singapore and Dubai we wouldn’t have an invasion of illegals either. Singapore is particularly admirable. Death penalty for drug offenses. No endless appeals either. Whipping, caning or flogging for petty crimes. No wonder they do not have a large prison population.

Eisenhower had operation wetback. The invaders were rounded up and shipped back to wherever they came from.

Wetback didn’t work though; 400,000 people were just expected to “self-deport” in California, and border crossings rose to fill in the people who were pushed out. Overall levels of illegal immigrants in the country remained the same.

Where Eisenhower succeeded was in how his INS director, Joseph Swing, changed Bracero. He sent agents to farms directly, asking people to give them a list of those they wanted to hire. They also worked with the Mexican Government to put sign up lists inside Mexico, take names for those who wanted to come and work.

Illegal immigration fell by 95% as legal immigration rose through Bracero. Eisenhower enacted two executive orders to rise the ceiling of visas to keep letting people come and work.

Levels of illegals remained low until Kennedy moved to end the program in '62, with it finally ending in '64.

Now THAT’S about as ignorant as anything I’ve read here, AS. “Illegal immigration fell by 95% as legal immigration rose…”? What obviously happened was the Eisenhower administration simply declared illegal immigrants…wait for it…LEGAL. We could reduce the murder rate the same way. “Murder is now legal.”

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It would be great to have some serious deportation. Drag them out of homes, work places, hospitals, shelters, churches, off the streets and ship them back to wherever they came from.

As long as we have open borders advocates it won’t happen. They need reeducation first.

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You’d turn cities into a glorified version of the TSA, and shunt the economy.

What’s more, plenty of states have to provide 90% of the manpower to deport to begin with, so for states who don’t cooperate, you’d have to immensely expand the size of the Federal agencies doing it.

Creating what is in effect, a Federal occupation force.( Which I’m sure Democrats would only use for benevolent purposes once in power themselves)

People who live close to the border already hate the in-land border check points. It slows traffic down, the agents get up in people’s face, and sometimes do dumb things like slash people’s tires.

If you multiply those effects, then fence sitters who had no dog in this fight will just decide they hate this policy, and throw in for the Democrats to get rid of it.

That would be a strong message that likely would help going forward, as it is now they know the worst thing that can happen is some minor inconveniences if they get caught and in many States not even that.

A strong message to let them know the attitude has changed would would be a good start :wink:

In one post you claim we have pinpoint accurate numbers of how many illegals are here and where they live, then when it serves your agenda you post about how we would need a massive inland army to find them and deport them so it would be better to leave them alone :rofl:

You are too easy!

I never said this.

I said the IRS knows alot for people who use ITINs, but they’re not allowed to share that with INS.
Read the CIS article RET.


Cost the economy $250 Billion a year, cost the Government $260 Billion.
The DHS’s budget is only $48 Billion to begin with.

And this was estimated in 2012, it’d be even worse now.

If you’re not willing to be honest about what this will cost, you’ll just anger people even more on the back end.

So the people who want to import a voting bloc for your Party are saying we just cannot afford to deport your illegal voters! :rofl:

Great argument!

Do you also ask other criminals what the appropriate response should be from society in regards to their crimes? :rofl:

Illegals don’t vote. Poor Hispanics are the least likely people to vote to start with; the lowest voter participation of any group.

So illegal ones? Handfuls are all that’s been found by Republican investigations into the matter.
They find plenty of ballot box tampering though, which is where most voter fraud occurs.

They don’t vote against your Party :rofl:

Still waiting for the explanation of exactly how these “investigations” concluded these results :rofl:

They investigate the addresses, you have to have a valid registration for your vote to count.

So if they go to that address and find only illegals live there, of course your vote would be invalid.

And yes, investigators do ask people if they’re citizens, and look for proof.

They voted for Trump:

Of course they have “valid addresses” and of course they are “registered”, there is no citizenship verification for getting an address or to register to vote.

So I am going to ask you a question that I already know the answer to, I will warn you that I know you made this part up entirely in your imagination because you have no valid argument.

Are you claiming and do you actually believe that anyone who worked on any of these “Republican Investigations” actually knocked on one single door and made one single registered voter produce evidence of citizenship?

You normally double and triple down on your made up statements so I would just like to see if you are going to stick with that claim :rofl:

So in your twisted mind all “Latino’s” are illegal aliens?

You are so steeped in liberalism you don’t even know when you are being offensive :rofl:

One can only wonder how 126 people wound up with the same “home address” in Broward County, FL, which turns out to be an abandoned house that’s been empty for the past 15 years if there’s no “vote fraud.” One can only wonder how so many potential jurors in Kalifornia got excused from jury duty, pleading that they weren’t U.S. citizens, when the jury pools are selected from voter registration rolls. One wonders how B-1 Bob Dornan lost his last re-election bid to that Chavez moron after Bill Clinton mailed “voter IDs” to everyone in his district with an Hispanic-sounding last name. Etc. etc. etc. ad nauseam.

I said valid registration. During the investigation, they inquired if people at those addresses had citizenship.

I’am not saying the state or the county or anyone else did this during the registration. I’m saying they did this during the investigation.

No I didn’t:

So you owe me an apology RET. I made nothing up.