Consolidated Immigration Issues Thread


Migrant rate low

Hey, look at this Dave; when it comes to migrant flows, we’re below the OECD average.

Might explain why Australia and Canada are gaining on us when it comes to Chinese.


About which we’re supposed to care, WHY?


50 years ago, Australia had a policy of not ALLOWING Chinese immigration into their country. When they got their first truly “liberal” government, that all changed and the native Australians are regretting it now. When I was there in 1968, that policy was in effect but even so, in the King’s Cross area of Sydney, there was a communist party HQ selling, among other things, copies of “Chairman Mao’s Little Red Book.”


Why are these countries not destabilized, despite again, being far smaller than us, and more vulnerable to demographic shifts?

You can talk all you want about Australia, but Australia has only eased its system for letting immigrants in, not put on more restrictions.

And why? Economic growth. That is the stated reason they do it.


And Australia’s economy is growing faster than ours??? BS.


You guys can argue about the economic impact until the cows come home. I have opinions on this too but, to me, they are of secondary importance. The real issue is maintaining our national identity. I’m not talking about Ozzie & Harriet’s America full of White Anglo-Saxon Protestants. I’m talking about people who want to better their lives, become Americans and raise their children as Americans. I know of three immigrant families from Mexico, Italy and Austria who would not teach their children the language of their native land.

It is well documented that the fertility rate of women is inversely proportional to their educational level. Moslem immigrants believe that Sharia law is superior and I don’t just mean the radical fundamentalists, most “moderates” would prefer or, at least not oppose it’s spread. These two facts alone mean that the current pace of immigrants and refugees from Islamic countries in the Middle East and Africa will “fundamentally transform America”, to steal Obama’s words.

Safety and national security are also sacrificed by current immigration policies of chain migration and the lottery. They have already cost several terrorist attacks. Tens of thousands of MS-13 thugs, 1/3 of the entire native born population of El Salvador lives in the United States.

Even if Slim were 100% correct in all of his economic arguments, I DON’T CARE. It must end.


They were 2.8% in 2016, we were 1.6%.

They’ve consistently outperformed us for the past 18 years:

I don’t get why you’d be surprised by this: Growth in China’s economy has helped them along, and investors consider Australia’s currency as a safer bet to invest in than China’s while still benefiting from the latter’s growth.


So why are you objecting to migrant workers?

Only 1 in 4 actually stay to become Americans; this isn’t a problem, that’s basically how it’s always been.

It doesn’t matter the era you point to.

Again, Australia, Canada and Singapore all have far larger migrant workforces relative to their population; this hasn’t destabilized them at all.

  1. Muslims are a footnote of our immigration. You can’t use them as an excuse for blocking migrant workers from Asia or Central America.

  2. As Daniel Hannan points out, we have more Muslims than Britain, but we produce less Islamic terrorists.

The American method, where we emphasize the need to work, is apparently undercutting radicalization. That’s a good thing. It means we’re helping Muslims who don’t like the radicals anymore than we do to win the Got Dang narrative.

Kurds – who has a problem with them? (We deport them the most btw)

Yazidis – what have they done to us?

Shias – They’ll talk **** about what’s going on in the middle east right alongside the rest of us.
They hate Al Qaeda, they hate ISIS.

Letting people like these come here is how you win. You foster the other side.

Like what this Cleric in Australia is doing:

This isn’t our primary concern, the Founders set that in motion:

I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery.
– Thomas Jefferson

Our primary concern is Freedom. People coming in from El Salvador, looking for a new lease on life, do nothing to threaten that.

I ought to know, I have one for a Co-worker, and he does nothing but brag about Trump each time he sees me. And sure, he may not be the average, but neither is an MS-13 gang member.

You can police the latter, without antagonizing people like my co-worker, because the latter is who he and all the rest were moving to get away from. No differently than how the Poles, Vietnamese, and Cubans moved away to flee the Communists.


My Italian grandparents from Italy refused to teach my mother and aunt Italian except for a few words–mostly bad. It is the same in Cuban families. I taught in south Miami for years and this school’s ethnic make-up was 97% Cuban, 2% South American, and 1% white. The school didn’t allow Spanish-speaking teachers to teach in Spanish. The parents found it an insult to speak Spanish around English-speaking parents and/or teachers. They wanted their children to be completely Americanized. They were wonderful people and I thoroughly enjoyed teaching these great kids and interacting with their parents.Most of these parents fled Cuba with the clothes on their backs when Castro took over. They came here LEGALLY and didn’t ask for handouts. They built businesses and turned Miami into a thriving city.


If Central Americans were allowed to come here through the same system the Cubans got, most would be here legally.

Vietnamese are the same way. Eastern Block immigrants are the same way.

As it stands, you’re judging the situation on a double standard CT.

We have illegals, because our Immigration system changed, not because immigration did.

I want the same system those three groups of immigrants got, for all the other immigrants. That would be judging & treating everyone on the same standard. A standard we know works. The Cubans, the Vietnamese, and the Eastern bloc all prove that standard works.


Please don’t attempt to compare OBAMA’S economy with anyone else’s. It was an anomaly in American History.


18 years ago was 2000 Dave. It includes Bush’s, before the meltdown. It’s a fair comparison.


I never talked about the Kurds or the Yazidis. The Shia extremists are just as bad as the Sunni and they have nukes. Letting these people in is how you win? As Europe is coming to realize (far too slowly I’m afraid) is as the Moslem population increases their political and cultural demands skyrocket.

We live in different universes. Sadly, in mine their are graves of American citizens and legal immigrants that would not exist but for our open border, lottery and chain migration policies.


Yet they’re the ones who get hit the most with exportation; are you going to answer for that?

Why are we doing STUPID things, like sending Kurds in Nashville to Baghdad?

Why are our immigration policies, and officials, that ******** incompetent?

Extremism isn’t the issue, Shias are largely secular, Azerbaijanis gave suffrage to women before we did.

And these are Iranians, in Tehran:

Iran is not Saudi Arabia. The leadership is nuts, but the people couldn’t give two ***** about the Ayatollah’s “revolution”, because exporting war all the time makes them poor, and they’re educated enough to know that.

Persians aren’t Arabs. Persians are the ones responsible for any “decent” thing Islamic culture produced.
Why? Because they were already producing it before they were Muslims.

Qualitative distinctions. You can make them, if you care to make them. Don’t be like the Left Old Dog.

Dr. M. Zuhdi Jasser

A Syrian-Muslim, whose a U.S. naval veteran, founded the American Islamic forum for Democracy, and wrote the Third Jihad, Warning Americans about extremists.

We need more like him, because having more of him, wins the argument.

Any idea how you do that?


Lovely Iranian women. I realize that millions of Iranians are “secularized” and oppressed by the twelvers but I can assure you that these girls are not wearing those clothes on the streets of Tehran without a scarf and a long coat over them. They will be dressed like the protester in my avatar, perhaps without the mask.

To your other point, have I advocated blanket end to immigration? The President has asked the Congress to formulate a merit based system. It is becoming clearer, day by day, that Congress will do nothing on this issue, or The Wall, or DACA, or the lottery, or chain migration. He could, legally, declare a moratorium on all immigration to try to force Congress to act. It would be very disruptive and I doubt it will happen.


How is that any different than “x” person I can talk of who lived in communist Europe, didn’t like being dominated by the arseholes there, and escaped here to freedom?

Double standards. **** them. Can’t say it enough.

You want government to manipulate the labor supply, when that is not what immigration policy is for.

It’s just fine to want to catch criminals, terrorists, and even the sick. But when you point a finger to people like my El-Salvadorean Co-worker, stating categorically “He doesn’t add anything to America”, when he works harder than 90% of everyone else at my station (myself included), that tells me that something about how you want to evaluate people, is ringing hollow.

Neither work skills, nor education tell you anything about attitude. I know people with both of those things who are complete louts, while there are those who are College if not high school drop outs who excel at damn near anything they put their hands on.

People with the right attitude, even those born into poverty, are more likely to be entrepreneurs and business tycoons than people born into the top 5% percentile of wealth. That is empirically verified by psychological studies.

And yet you would carelessly ban them, because their group identity isn’t right? Or because you think they’re stealing jobs? Or because they’re poor?****. DAT. CRAP.


I’ll stand by my post earlier today:

The real issue is maintaining our national identity.

If Congress won’t put together something reasonable and acceptable to the American people then some people will be delayed or prevented from immigrating who would be fine productive citizens. Sorry folks, life isn’t always fair. We have far too many graves from terrorists, gang bangers and common criminals leaking through the cracks. We don’t need any more.


Which makes you different from the Know-nothings, how? You’ve never explained this.

You’ve given the same argument thrown against my people in the 1860s, and the Italians, and the Eastern Europeans after that.

Even when these claims were right about people at the time, they were wrong about who those people/ their kids became overtime.

And overtime is the issue here.

Central Americans are assimilating at the same rate as the Italians, with less violence involved. If you’re saying “they aren’t worth it”, then you’re judging them with yet another Double Standard.

Care to explain why you’re doing that?


The immigrants from the late 19th and early 20th century did not have a religion or ideology in fundamental conflict with our system of government. We excluded anarchists and polygamists but a few slipped through the cracks. Nothing is 100%.

No-Nothing? Really! I will be happy with hundreds of thousands of immigrants from Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Central and South America once we have in place an adequate vetting system in place.

Oh, By the way, how are you different from libertarian anarchists, you seem to be in complete agreement with them on trade and migration. You’ve never explained this.

PS I don’t consider the diversity lottery or chain migration an adequate vetting system based on it’s results to date. Ditto for our handling of unaccompanied minors.


The Anarchists.

They put bombs on Wall street and in factories. They assassinated a U.S. President.

Beyond that, there were radical Socialists who wanted to change America. There were mafiosos who wanted to spread Old world criminal networks into the New World.

And in terms of the body count? No comparison, it was worse then. Each bombing didn’t kill “two” or “three” it killed 10, 20, 30 people at a time. The 1920 Wall street bombing killed 38.

Yes, these people:

Nativists who made the same argument you are now, and they turned out to be wrong.

You are enacting a double standard on Central Americans, when, besides being less violent, nothing about them has been different than the experience we’ve had with previous waves of immigrants. So, why?

Because I already told you where my plan comes from. Conservatives you can’t ignore.

Barry Goldwater, Dwight Eisenhower, F.A. Hayek, even Reagan, who basically took his first immigration plan off Goldwater.

You can’t call me an “anarchist” without saying the same thing of them. Not without having yet another Double Standard you’ll have to explain.