Consolidated Immigration Issues Thread


If you read my posts you will see I didn’t call you anything. My double standard on Central Americans exists only in your mind. You never respond to my points or answer my questions. Bottom line is that current immigration policies and no border control will, in the course of time, put us into a condition similar to Europe today and a hellhole shortly thereafter. I know I’m not going to change your mind and you aren’t changing mine. Don’t waste too much time digging up rabbit holes and red herrings for your reply to this post as I won’t be reading it but I’m sure everyone else here will be waiting with baited breath.



You’ve called me this in our last debate; you were referencing it by stating it here.

You’ve asked exactly two questions across all of your posts in this thread, I answered one, and the other was asking “blanket end to immigration”, which wasn’t my point about you (and I stated that).

If you had some other question, what was it exactly? You haven’t voiced them.

Europe is in the position it’s in today, because it brings in people, but doesn’t allow them to work.

Again, why does Britain have more Islamic terrorist than we do, while having less Muslims?

The answer is partly less patriotism, but also because they don’t give them work. They give them welfare, and let them sit by, and tweedle their thumbs.

Dostoevsky wrote over 100 years ago why that’s a bad approach to the human condition. Welfare doesn’t give people meaning, and if they’re left to find that in a vacuum, extremism can sound very tempting.

It at least tries to fill the void (however poorly). SJW culture in Britain meanwhile is just as vapid as ours.


BS. The SHIAS are “secular???” Are you really that ignorant of what Iran has become? It calls itself “An Islamic Republic” but NOTHING happens in that country without first receiving the “blessing” of the Mullahs…period.


Actually, it’s PRECISELY what the open borders advocates like you are trying to do…manipulate the labor supply. Bringing in millions of uneducated, unskilled, diseased, criminally-minded people and AMERICANS suffer for it. There are thousands dead, raped or robbed who wouldn’t have been if we’d had some control over our borders. A week hardly goes by without we hear of some poor little pre-pubescent girl who’s been raped by an illegal alien.


Nope, markets do that on their own.

What is a market transaction? Mutually beneficial, voluntary arrangements.

What is a foreigner and American doing when they work together? Precisely that.

People do these things, spontaneously, on their own. It doesn’t take a system to make it happen, it happens naturally, of its own accord.

The Italians.

They weren’t educated, they weren’t skilled, and they had plenty of criminals among them. They were also more violent than immigrants we get today.

A courtesy of the fact, that Italians, are more genetically moody than most people on the planet. More prone to anger and outbursts.

How did they still turn out to be useful Dave?


Yes, as Iran is the Transexual capital of the world.

More sex change operations happen there, than in any other country on the planet.

There’s only one way that happens, and it ain’t by being like Saudi Arabia.

The Ayatollahs aren’t the people Dave; they’re kleptocratic ideologues that the rank & file Iranians hate for being kleptocrats who openly enrich themselves; at the expense of everyone else.


I have a couple of acquaintances near here, whose parents were Italian. The only time their parents ever spoke Italian was when they didn’t want the kids to know what they were saying.


President Trump takes the stage in a few minutes at the Trump Rally in Fargo, ND. Watch it live.


Every time I see the name of FBI guy Peter Strzok, I think of the C programming language string functions like strcpy, strchr, strcmp, strspn and strtok. I sometimes ask myself what strzok does before I remember it’s someone’s name.

Am I the only one?


Is anyone else thoroughly tired of hearing the media lie about President Trump claiming he sold out to the Russians?

Do even liberals believe President Trump, the America-first guy, is capable of selling out to the Russians?


Well put (rhetorical question, I assume).


Slim, your arguments are, afaIct, based on the statistics for legal immigrants. The statistics for illegals are, according to what I have read, far less rosy. Opening up immigration to more people who meet the criteria for legal immigration (which is totally acceptable, perhaps even desirable) will do nothing to stop the people who don’t (who are the ones at issue, here, and that is unacceptable).

EDIT: All of this is completely moot: the powers that be have instituted the current ‘system’ deliberately to create a class of underprivileged workers to drive down labor costs, and they aren’t about to change it. It serves them well.