Consolidated Immigration Issues Thread


Which is WHY the President Trump is not ONLY emphasizing the southern Wall, but also prohibiting visitors from countries that have totally dysfunctional governments where we’re are unable to properly “vet” them.


Saudi Arabia, where more than half of the terrorist came, are still allowed. It’s also where Wahhabism was founded, the splinter of Islam we most deal with. So that’s no sound rationale to me Dave.

Symbols over substance, that’s all the wall is. It’s not a functional improvement, virtual barriers work better, and it’s not money well spent considering where most terrorists come from.

… Also, Venezuela is on that list. These are people who are front & center witnesses to the failure of socialism, and were just turning them away?

That’s just stupid.


Not sure of all the ins and outs, but the people of Venezuela voted for that socialism. TheOperative (the founder of RO and of Cuban origin himself) made it clear that he had no sympathy for the majority for what socialism was going to do to Venezuela. I can easily imagine a situation where Venezuelans, having made a craphole of their country (like Mexico), seek to come to the land of plenty- and turn it into a craphole, too (like far too many Mexicans).


Except the diehards intend to stay, and the socialist would have been voted out, if not for serious meddling in their voting procedures.

The people who want most to leave, are the partisans. The ones who saw what was coming, and know it isn’t going to get better.


Comparing Schumer to a snake is an insult to reptiles. Most animals kill to eat. Schumer, whom I prefer to call “Senator No,” is only out to destroy. He never brings anything constructive to the table. All he does say “NO!!!” to everything Trump does or says.


BS. Saudi Arabia DOES have a functional government and we CAN properly VET people coming here from SA. It’s the CLINTON Administration’s failure to do that which is responsible for 9/11.


Peruse at your leisure…


qixlqatl Did you notice this? It admits upfront the problem for using Federal numbers:

I pointed this out quite some time ago.

Federal numbers are skewed by who they themselves go after. A disproportionate amount of their resources go towards chasing people who cross state boundaries; something State & municipal law enforcement don’t typically do. A disproportionate amount of those people will be non-citizens who don’t have fixed roots.

I’ll also quote this, from a study that included Federal and lower authority convictions:

When you include the whole population, their rates are found to be lower.


1. I don’t why you’re showing me this.

  1. The mexifornia case is made problematic, by Mexican birthrates falling to the floor, below replacement rate. Now more immigrants, even illegals, come from Asia and Central America, and there’s no reason for them to go along with this plan. If they wanted Mexico, they’d be in Mexico.

  2. “No country Bilingual who is stable”? Switzerland, Singapore. Hong Kong. They’re all trilingual or more.

I’m sorry, but that assumption is based on no research, because they clearly didn’t care.

Freedom works, and those countries I just listed aren’t examples of “multiculturalism”, they’re microcosms of what we used to be. Letting individuals sort this out, not policy.

We once had a immigration rate, double of what we have today. We got immigration waves bigger than the Mexicans at their peak, in a smaller nation, with natives who would more compete with those immigrants in the same jobs.

Yet we didn’t implode, we didn’t fragment, we didn’t become the 3rd world.

In the long run, letting in more people, despite what baggage they may bring with them, is a bet that wins. That’s what history shows us. Freedom works. The Founders were right.


BS. AS. We routinely hear that we have 2 MILLION people in prison. Even if ALL of them were American citizens (which we know isn’t true), that’s still NOT “3.3% of the native-born.” There are 330 million people in this country. Even you can do that math.


Dave, you didn’t do the Math:

There’s only 119 million adult males to begin with. Subtract out the immigrant males, you’re at about 110 million.

The number of those ages 18-39 will be even less than that.

So Dave, you’re going to admit you didn’t read the post carefully, leading to a mistake, right?


Of course, but you obviously didn’t notice this:

Or this:

(emphasis mine) One would think that there are states and localities which wish to deliberately obscure the problems illegal immigrants bring with them. But that’s just crazy talk; of course every state and locality will fully comply with federal authorities on immigration issues… right?


I wasn’t, it was posted for general consumption; you just chose to look! You may now resume your regularly scheduled shilling for the CoC…


Do you maintain that all men and women in prison are between the ages of 18 and 39? If you do, then you don’t know much about our prisons.


Just gotta say that all leaves a lot of uncertainty in the data. That makes it very hard to draw valid, supportable conclusions. I’m just on a drive-by in this thread, so forgive me if I miss some nuance – immigration, illegal or legal is not high on my list of interests. But the vast majority of rape, murder and mayhem charges are based on state laws – do the unfiled federal crime charges outnumber and offset that huge gap in the data?


Who knows? There is literally no way of knowing since the data is (deliberately?) withheld. Point is, the conclusion AS is touting is based on data that is known to be hugely incomplete, but is being treated as holy writ because it supports a certain conclusion. Not just cherry picked, but whole orchards of cherries destroyed because they don’t taste right to certain people


That’s not the reason:

There are ways to control for states suppressing their numbers, for instance, we can look to focused-studies of Red states. Even then though, immigrants are found to be committing less crimes.

CATO rips the CoC to shreds on more than one occasion. Rent seeking is not tolerated.

qixlqatl? This is a bad claim. You’re denying the existence of people who just want markets, and the people who comprise them, to be free. That doesn’t engage this discussion with honesty.


You were doing this with Federal data, even though we know Federal data is skewed, because of who they’re sent after.

Using Federal data together with State data is more complete, as we have ways of correcting for error we don’t just by using federal numbers alone.

You may tell me this is impossible, but before you do, why don’t you read what the study did, and move from there, rather than just assuming this?

You may be surprised, and find they approached the problem rationally.


Most crimes are committed before the age of 25. You’re making a non-point.

Most criminals, even those behind bars, are not old men.


So what?