Constitutional Ignorance


The vast majority of people who believe that the government has the right to regulate gun ownership by passing new laws … have a poor understanding of our Constitution!

Most of the arguments about the Second Amendment … made by both sides, revolve around a single assumption - that the Second Amendment grants a citizen the right to bear arms.

What both sides fail to understand is that the Second Amendment grants no such right, in fact, the Constitution grants no rights at all!

What the Constitution does do is identify what powers the people grant to the government.

This is the whole purpose of the Constitution - to tell the government what it can and cannot do, our Constitution is a limit on government.

That is why Marxists, Socialist, Progressive Democrats, et al. have such a disdain for our Constitution … it is a limitation on Government not a limitation on We The People.

Read the Second Amendment closely.
Nowhere does it state that the people have a right to bear arms but rather that the government cannot infringe on that right.

The framers of our Constitution believed that our right to bear arms is a natural right , not a right to be given to us by government.

Amendment II

That’s it, that is the whole 2nd Amendment.
Where does it say that the government gives us any right?
It doesn’t, it only says that the government cannot infringe on this right.

And when the often used argument arises that we will all be safer if we pass (another) gun law … I am reminded on how one of our Founding Fathers would respond to that …

Put another way: I prefer the tumult of liberty to the quiet of servitude.


Amen! But I fear we’re loosing it.

The left gleefully uses every psycho shooting as a catalyst to limit our right to bear arms. But that not all.

After September 11, 2001, the right thing to do would have been to require every able bodied American man who flies to carry a knife with him on every flight. Buying a ticket should constitute a commitment to slit the throat of any son-of-Satan who hijacks the plane.

If that sounds horrible, remember that it was the willing and able passengers that stopped the shoe bomber, the underpants bomber and UA flight 93, not the government. I’m sure they would have stopped all four flights on 9/11, and probably lived, if they had known from the start what we know now–and had knives.

Instead, we had the federal government take over frisking passengers, previously done by the private enterprise–airlines. It was legal for the airlines to search, since you’re choosing to board their plane, but it’s a direct violation of the fourth amendment for the federal government to do it. And now they keep tightening everything and effectively making everybody a criminal until shown to be innocent. I haven’t flown since 2002 and don’t intend to ever again because I can’t tolerate that much evil.


There was a caller on Rush this Friday who was a California P.S. teacher. He said that he was told by his superiors NOT to mention the Constitution in his H.S. civics class because “it conflicts with the state approved textbook”.