Continuing Resolution 2013: Boehner 'Absolutely' Committed To Avoiding Government ..


Full Title: Continuing Resolution 2013: Boehner ‘Absolutely’ Committed To Avoiding Government Shutdown

The sequester meant nothing folks!
This POS is going to cave … one way or another!

Now that the “dumb” sequester cuts, as the president calls them, are in place (at least for now), U.S. lawmakers have already shifted focus to the next fiscal deadline: a quick fix known as the continuing resolution.

House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, said Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press” that he is “absolutely” committed to keeping the government open and avoiding a shutdown, which would occur if the current continuing resolution expires on March 27 without a plan for funding.

In place of an unofficial budget, the federal government is now running on the quick fix that gives the green light for spending. Should the resolution not be renewed, there would be another government shutdown, as in 1995, because of a lack of appropriations.

“We at the House next week will act to extend the continuing resolution through the end of the fiscal year, Sept. 30,” Boehner said on the Sunday talk show. “The president, this morning, agreed that we should not have any talk of a government shutdown, so I’m hopeful that the House and the Senate can work through this.”

Continuing Resolution 2013: Boehner ‘Absolutely’ Committed To Avoiding Government Shutdown


Maybe we ought to start calling Boehner “Captain Caveman”…


The state of perpetual crisis in DC is going to get very old, very fast even with the true believers. Look out for the Granddaddy of all Grand Deals to be coming down the pike soon.


This is a BAD article giving a FALSE conclusion. The continuing resolution for the budget will be CONTINUING AT THE POST SEQUESTER LEVEL. This preserves the cuts just made and sets the stage for comprehensive budget talks/discussion or simply leaving things as they are. See the more comprehensive Hot Air story on the same subject below…but here are a couple of quotes:

“The fact is that if we get the CR at the post-sequester level that is a big win,” said Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio), a conservative leader who recently stepped down as the head of the Republican Study Committee.”

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., vowed that he’d “not be part of any backroom deal” on the sequester and that he would “absolutely not agree to increase taxes.”

“If Republicans can keep taxes off the table and the sequestration reductions in the rate of increase in place, that will be an incremental but still significant win. The position of the conservatives on the upcoming CR strategy is designed to give Reid no excuses in following the proper budgeting procedure.”

House GOP ready to support clean CR for FY2013? « Hot Air


The problem is … we’ve heard similar stories before and then … Boner starts to crack.
Also … I don’t care what the rest of the crowd (Jim Jordan, Mitch McConnell) has to say about it because … neither does Boner!


First…my comment was on the basis that the ARTICLE mentioned NOTHING about the new CR incorporating the sequester which was very misleading IMO.
Second… I was commenting on the PLAN which is excellent. As to Boehner…he DID NOT CAVE on the sequester…because he had the POWER not to do so.

Finally…You’re right…it is likely Reps WILL cave on the CR. Hope not…but the facts are that without a CR…the GOV’T will entirely shut down and REAL havoc and public ANGER will ensue. By not making NEW demands and just continuing the PRESENT status quo…Republicans can argue CREDIBLY that any shut down would be Obama’s fault. Unfortunately…he has the bully pulpit. He has the Senate and he has the Media to pin the tail on the Reps for shutting down the government instead of “compromising and closing tax loopholes for the rich.”

Despite this REALITY … some here would rather blame Bohner than the real criminals.
The commies used to call western liberals “useful idiots”. The Dems find equal utility in the fringe right.


It’s not so much we blame Boehner for the crime, it’s the aiding and abetting that frosts us.


What do YOU think he should do with the CR coming up? Please explain how Obama et al will react to what YOU think he should do and what the consequences will be for both the nation and the Republican Party AND the 2014 election which is what Obama is really all about.


I don’t give a rats rump how Obama and his merry gang of thieves think. Make the CR more painful than passing a real budget would be. It’s insane how long this country has gone without one. They control the purse strings, act like it!


I notice you are very specific in your proposal and have detailed the effects on the country and the Party and the 2014 election as requested. [/sarc]
Since we have no alternative plan from you…I think I’ll continue to support the Boehner plan and leave the ranting to those who prefer cynicism to realistic action.


If you would like me to come up with a complete budget analysis, that will take a bit of time. I’ve stated many times where cuts can be made, with and without pissing off the Dem’s. As usual, your response is to follow the party line. If you and yours want to keep playing brinksmanship because it suits your grand scheme, I can’t stop you. The continuing cycle has to be broken. As per usual, you and yours do not have the huevos to do a damn thing about it.


And as usual…you have no connection to reality in your rants. Just venom and gibberish.
I don’t need specifics…give me the big picture…what do you want the HOUSE to do on the Continuing Resolution. Your choices are:

  1. Continue the status quo.
  2. Give Obama what he wants in taxes in exchange for some progress on entitlement reform.
  3. Pass a bill that cuts spending even more (please specify amount from defense, discretionary and entitlement spending) and then hold fast, shutting the government down when the elected majority refuses to go along.

Here is what is really going on in the party with conservatives and the leadership. But feel free to blow that up in the interest of losing both the Senate and the House in 2014 and giving Obama free rein in his twilight years.

How Long Can Boehner Contain the Rebellion? -


Right on cue you go directly to the nihilistic response. It’s not just your way or Armageddon. There are sane and safe ways to start to curb the beast in, and you know it. Cut off the funds that support insane studies in other countries. Close redundant agencies. Let the now extra government go by attrition. Most important, stop the money funneling out to those that want to wipe us out! There’s your first cuts.

You really need to just stop reveling in the game and really look at the carnage you and yours help create.


Public opinion plays a (the) key role in politics. That said, I think very little of Boehner, but - he and the Repubs have been playing against a stacked deck. Repubs have been on the defensive for 4 years anytime spending/budget has been the issue. Why? For the same reason blaming Bush continues to resonate - because ignorance reigns supreme among the majority of the electorate. We require an informed electorate - we ain’t got one!! Which party do you think will take the “hit” for a government shutdown? I’ll give a hint - the same party that will most likely take the “hit” for whatever pain the Obama administration can inflict on the people as a result of sequestration.


There ya go…see how easy and how little effort it took to give me what I asked for?

  1. Cut off funds that support insane studies in foreign lands.
  2. Close redundant agencies.
  3. Stop funding those who want to wipe us out.

Great…ALL things Romney promised and Obama didn’t. And we know who got elected and enabled.

Now lets say the House passes all of that in their continuing resolution.
The Senate and Obama say no.
The government shuts down and the Republicans are blamed for not merely continuing things and for being unreasonable.
The media jumps on board.
The Republicans cave in again since life is at a halt in the USA and they are being blamed for the very real pain as people don’t get thier tax refunds, their SS income, their food stamps ets. .
They continue to be blamed and their votes are recorded and used against them as they lose in 2014 and Obama gets to do what he wants for the next two years.
Brilliant TPerk!


Like they won’t get blamed for anything and everything anyway. Your continuing to play the game only solidifies the situation. If you can’t win a crooked game, don’t play it. Do what is right instead of feeding the beast you say you want to defeat. All you are doing is giving a coke addict your debit card and pin number. You’re playing Three Card Monty with our money swearing you’ll win the next hand even though you know for a fact the dealer is cheating. You’re just to blinded by the goal of wanting your people steering the Titanic so you can rearrange the deck chairs your way that no one in the party is even looking for the iceberg YOU ALL KNOW IS THERE! Get a grip on the fact that nothing this gang does is going to help the economy, they don’t have it in them. The game is over, we all lost. All because you and yours treated the running of our country like it was a game instead of real life. You have no clue about the pain you are adding to. Maybe if you ever have kids and stop to think about their future, you will see the hardship you have thrust upon them just so you could win a rigged game to prove a point.