Convicted murderer and rapist speaks at DNC

The Democratic National Convention kicked off this week with a pre-recorded video of “America’s most impactful community leaders” reading the preamble to America’s Constitution.

Did anyone notice listed under the DNC’s “America’s most impactful community leaders” was Donna Hylton?

She’s a 55-year-old woman convicted for the kidnapping, rape, torture and murder of a 62-year-old Long Island real estate broker in 1986.

Before receiving accolades for her work as an “impactful community leader,” Donna Hylton and her gang of prostitutes had drugged real estate broker Thomas Vigliarolo, brought him to their Harlem apartment, and subjected him to a three week torture session which included starvation, beatings, burnings, and various forms of sexual torture leading to a gruesome murder.

Hylton had raped Vigliarolo with a three-foot metal rod, later laughing it off, quipping “he was a homo anyway.”

Hylton had demanded ransom from the victim’s friend, planning on spending her cut on professional photos to launch a career in modeling. She was paroled in 2012, having served 26 years in prison.


When I bring up what trump has done in the past, I’m reminded that he did it before he was President.

Today she’s a Christian minister. I mean, you do believe that she can find god and be forgiven for her sins, right?

But if it’s the fact that the party has invited a woman who was convicted 26 years ago of rape, kidnapping and torture, a woman who was sold by her mother and raped repeatedly before the age of 14 by her foster father only later to get two degrees from jail and become a minister…They didn’t invite her for what she did, but how she has turned her life around and worked to advocate for others. But I know, it’s so much more convenient to make up and believe whatever you want.

Now let’s enjoy the hypocrisy… We have to look no further than your idol. we’re now on 7 former Trump advisors who have been indicted 4 of which have been found guilty, one admitted his guilt and was pardoned and the other was charged today.

Trump himself is I’m sure worried now that his tax returns my be on the way to the DA of NY…

Who in this forum has been repeating over and over that the socialist Democrat Party is evil?

OMG. Who in this forum has been repeating over and over that this evil lowlife csbrown finds every way he can to defend evil?

The DNC entertains rapists and this is Cs-Pig’s response. I am speechless

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Reminder, Trump is an accused rapist (many, many times) who was close friends with…You guessed it…


So I guess Trump is evil, either though action or association, which of course makes you evil by your own definition since you support him.

See where this goes?

No, of course you don’t.

Reminder, it is one hundred percent fake news and lies that Trump had anything to do with Epstein. It was all democrats and Clintonites who friended Epstein and hung out with him.

Reminder, it is a one hundred percent fake news lie that Trump raped anybody

But we all know here that you live in a world of lies.
And it is noted that you are off topic and dodging the topic.
And it is noted that you are defending Evil as you always do.
You truly are an evil lying sack of waste.

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Thread topic:

Apparently Muslim Terrorist Linda Sarsour was also in on the convention

In democrat circles, a felony charge, indictment, or conviction is considered a resume enhancement.

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Satan’s party.

The DNC this week welcomed convicted rapist, torturer and killer Donna Hylton to speak to their supporters. Democrats introduced Hylton as an “impactful community leaders.”**

Hylton squeezed her victim’s testicles with pliers before he was murdered.

That’s just not true. There are plenty of examples of Trump cavorting with Epstein.

The point here is, you define evil by association.

And as far as Bill Clinton goes, he’s a creeper too. But he didn’t rape Lewinsky.

That’s what you want to be true. There are at least 25 women who have accused him of some sort of sexual indiscretion including rape and while some might be false, some might be true. We know he brags about it. We also know he’s paid hush money to porn stars. I judge Trump by his past behavior.

The point is, if it’s evil by association, you’re just as guilty as those you accuse and now you see the problem (oh wait, no you won’t) of the kinds of ridiculous accusations you toss around. So while you’re looking to stomp out what you call evil, you need to look no further than the closest mirror.

George Nader - Convicted pedophile and Trump advisor

Look we can do this all day.

The fact that you can’t see your own hypocrisy is stunning, though I shouldn’t be surprised.

Csbrown28 is not evil. Oops.

And, there it is ladies and gentlemen, the Democratic National Convention welcomes and embraces a convicted kidnapper, rapist, and torturer, and not only does our Resident Evil csbrown28 defend this evil, but he then misdirects with fake news attacks and lies about Trump.

Nobody better ever tell me again that csbrown28 is not evil.

You are wrong, CSB (as usual.). Epstein was staying at Mar a Lago when that picture was taken. Shortly afterwards, he propositioned the under-age daughter of a friend of President Trump and was subsequently BANNED from ever coming back to Mar a Lago again BY President Trump. Does that sound like something a “friend” would do?


LoL, I don’t really care that Trump associated with Epstein, it’s not unusual for people to associate with people who’ve done bad things. That’s the point.

As far as Trumps association to Epstein. Well, judge for yourself…


Of course not. All you care about is the Democratic National Convention welcomed and embraced a convicted kidnapper, rapist, and torturer, and you want to defend this evil because you are a degenerate sack of sh*t. To that end you engage in off topic misdirects. Typical fascist Democrat.


Well, you post facts. Csbrown will have none of that.

I searched Google News for Donna Hylton and got nothing at all. Nada. That is more proof of how Google sanitizes information. You cannot trust Google search results.

Like I said, no headline stating what happened like the headline in the OP.

LOL. What a moron.

Look again, The other search engine is Web Crawler and the results are similar. So your, “Google is sanitizing results” complaint, isn’t holding any water.