Cop Mistakes Apartment For Her Own, Kills Her Neighbor




So she’ll get a marksmanship award and transfer to another department. There aren’t any meaningful consequences for cops who wrongfully kill.


I think there is MUCH more to this shooting.

Frankly, I think she is she’s lying. I’ve lived in and around Dallas. People keep the door to their homes/apartment locked.

So, in order for her to mistakenly enter his apartment thinking it was hers would mean one of three things: 1) Her key fit both door locks - his and hers. Or, 2) She had a key to his apartment - perhaps a lover’s quarrel - and she shot him. Or, 3) She knocked on the door and he let her in and she shot him.

Her explanation did not include scenarios 2 or 3. However, scenario 1 fits her story. So, does anyone believe the key to her apartment also fit his door lock?

BTW, how many times have you mistakenly entered you neighbor’s house/apartment?

There was nothing accidental about this killing. IMHO


I agree it stinks. That will not change the legal outcome.


Not every shooting by a police person is justified. This one of those cases. Something more is yet to be learned here, in my opinion, but for where it stands now, this woman should be locked up.


I didn’t, but a drunk woman did walk into mine- after I forgot to lock the door for the night…