Copenhagen Bars Harassed By Muslim Activists Trying To Enforce Sharia Law


Copenhagen bar owners are begging for government protection against Muslim activists trying to impose a strict “Sharia zone.”
The businesses claim they’ve been harassed and their shops vandalized by organized groups of teens and young men who are opposed to booze, gambling and other acts that are considered offensive to Sharia, or Islamic law.
“Recently some young men came in and shouted that all the guests should leave. They then shouted that the place belonged to them and that Nørrebro is covered by Sharia, so alcohol is forbidden,” Heidi Dyrnesli, owner of Café Heimdal in Nørrebro, told Radio24syv.

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Coming to America soon.


With any luck, they’ll try to take on the Danish equivalents of biker and/or skinhead bars!


Thing is many of the European nations are starting to stand up to them, some even going so far as to remove the Muslim from their soil. Let’s hope Trump will do the same.


We have already had businesses harassed by muslims and even destroyed. I remember a case years ago where some muslim was killed and his business burned down because he sold liquor.


Fight back, and don’t be polite about it.


I know of a bar up in Central Texas, its called the Rattlesnake and that is a good name for it. If a Muzzie came in and he and his bro’s started shouting Sharia law is in effect, it may not get any attention, most of the patron’s probably have no idea what a Sharia is and don’t care. But when the Muzzies told them to stop selling booze all friggin hell would break lose. When the dust settled there would be a few more bodies buried under the floor is my guess.


Yeah, Don, I think that your assessment of the outlook here in CenTex is just about right.


Having lived there…YEP