Cops Arrest a 10-Year Old for a Toy Gun

As part of my US v UK government stupidity contest, I’ve shared some really bizarre examples of anti-gun/anti-self defense political correctness.
At first I thought the Brits were more brainless.
[]A women who was being threatened by thugs got in trouble with the police for brandishing a knife in her own home.
]There was a proposal to prevent children from watching Olympic shooting events.
[]A man got arrested for finding a gun in his yard and turning it over to the police.
]Starting pistols have been banned from some school races.
[]There have been calls for knife bans.
]A man was arrested for shooting a burglar who invaded his house.
[/LIST]Though, to be sure, there’s lots of foolishness in America.
[]A Rhode Island boy got in trouble for bringing toy soldiers to school.
]A student in San Diego got in trouble for making a motion detector for a science project, simply because someone decided it resembled a bomb.
[]A Florida student was expelled for having a toy gun on school property.
]A little boy got suspended for making a pistol shape with his fingers.
[*]Another little boy got suspended for playing cops and robbers.
In a Remarkable Display of Government Stupidity on Steroids, Cops Arrest a 10-Year Old for a Toy Gun « International Liberty

It is not hard to realize the left has been demonizing guns for years even with children playing innocent games. Now this effort has been ratcheted up to try to force gun owners to give up their guns and even those who defend themselves are under fire for doing so.

In the news I see various places that want people to register their guns and even pay a tax for owning them with one pace calling for the police to be able to come in an inspect your homes at their pleasure.

Obama and others have authorized search with out legal reasons through the patriot act. So what do you think is next?


This is absurdity of the Liberal mindset that seems to be spreading like cancer.

Let’s not forget the little kindergarten boy who was suspended for 2 weeks for “sexual harassment”. He kissed a little girl on the cheek.

What amazes me is that the liberal JoeSixpack can’t even see the absurdity of this.

It’s as if he were given a written set of instructions (written by liberals, of course), and in those instructions were steps to turn right, then turn left, then go straight, and then there was a brick wall right across the straight portion.

So JoeSixpack would turn right, then left, then go straight and ram right into that brick wall . . . because of course the liberal directions say to go straight.

Absolutely no common sense . . . ~shakes head~

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I wouldn’t even say liberals. More like dumb people.

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[quote=“BullsOnParade, post:5, topic:38304”]
I wouldn’t even say liberals. More like dumb people.
[/quote]I think I can predict what some of the responses to that will be. While I don’t disagree with what you said, you left a hole in that one big enough . . .


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: I know! I was thinking the same thing! Of course dumb people…! No question about it! :rofl: (BOP: you are just too cute for words!) :slapper:

Just wait until you have to pay a licensing fee or face five years in prison and a fine of $250,000 just to breathe because some conglomerate owns the patent on your genes.