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False, you can lie about my position all you want, but it never ceases to be a lie. And an obvious one at that.

If libertarians and right-wing economists are taking the same position I’am, with the same wording, it’s easy to conclude that that’s where my position came from.

Liberals don’t talk about natural rights. Paul Krugman couldn’t care less about labor costs, other than to make them go up.

Not a word of what I’ve said or done can be traced back to the left, but plenty is stated by those people like Andrew Napolitano, who you conveniently want to pretend don’t exist.

People who understand what Natural law is, yet disagree with you, and you don’t get it.


Look, to any and all parties to whom it concerns: KNOCK OFF THE ACCUSATIONS OF LYING. You’re NOT at liberty to print your speculation on another member’s deceitfulness in what they post.


He’s talking about what my position is, and he intentionally misrepresents it.

He can’t be ignorant, I’ve both denied it, and offered sources.

I’ve never claimed what he’s accused me of, yet he keeps saying it.

It is deceitful when it is knowingly false.


No, you DON’T know that. You DON’T know why he claims your position to be something or other, you DON’T know if he’s ignorant (or insightful), you DON’T know that he is being knowingly false BECAUSE YOU ARE NOT IN HIS HEAD. You can think what you will- including what you believe to be the likelihood of his honesty or lack thereof- but keep your speculations OFF THIS BOARD. That is a rule here, you’ve been warned before, and I’m NOT going to warn you again.


I do. I know what my position is,I’ve explained it, yet he keeps misrepresenting it. I’ve flatly denied it, he doubles down on it. So he doesn’t have an excuse at this point. There’s no more room for it to be anything else.

We say people who attribute things to Trump we know aren’t true are lying, we do that all the time here.

Here he is doing that to me. Same thing.

Intentionally misrepresenting my beliefs, is a form of deceit. That conclusion can’t be avoided.
We know its intentional, because he knows I’ve denied it.

Yet he’s speculating about me. Are you going to stop him?


You guys need to chill on the moderation. It’s really silly. Back in the old days when there were many dozens of posters and new people popping in all the time, fair enough. But now it’s basically the same 10-12 people, all adults, and there’s really no need for these little rules. It’s especially bad considering the hypocrisy and inconsistency of the moderators who most actively make use of their positions.

Granted, the biggest reason for the site’s poor performance is the long downtime right before the site was purchased by Russians, during the 2016 election no less, and who apparently still own the site. But the moderation isn’t helping either.


LOL! The RUSSIANS “bought and still own this site???”


Yes. RO is owned by Russians.


And YOU must be owned by a coalition of the Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny and a host of unicorns.


If he called you a liar, show me, and I’ll call him out. You DON’T operate on the notion of two-wrongs-make-a-right. You’re responsible for YOUR posts vis a vis the rules. Act like it.



I’m open to innocent explanations for why, after the site switched ownership in the lead up to the 2016 election, when Russian trolls were doing everything they could to mess with American politics online, the RO system account suddenly started putting out spam posts in Russian.



I’ve been a member for a long time and I NEVER received anything like that from RO.


It’s right there in the thread I linked to.


I most assuredly was a member of this board in August of '17 and did NOT receive anything even resembling what you’ve posted.


It’s right there in the thread I linked to.


So just because YOU received this BS then everyone else must have too???




That’s what he’s doing by saying my beliefs, aren’t my beliefs. That I’m not being honest about who I’am.

This doesn’t further discussion. There is no “insight” In claiming I’ve misrepresented my self, my beliefs are not what I’ve stated, and that I’m “actually” a democrat agent.

It’s simply abuse.

Actions should be regulated, not just the word.


I said “show me” (we have a neat little system for flagging offensive posts that you can use), not just say that he did it. Otherwise, hold your peace. I’m done arguing about it.