Coronavirus: Illegal Aliens Demand $1.2K Each in Taxpayer-Funded Checks

Illegal aliens are demanding they too receive $1,200 in federal checks from the government as part of a Chinese coronavirus crisis relief package.

The illegal welfare rats will never stop demanding more, they are shameless and proud of it.


And their supporters are even more shameful. I say, if they want to donate $$ to illegal aliens, then let it come out of their pockets, not ours.


It’s a shame that we let George Soros into this country. He is lowest form of scum. He should deported to Venezuela which has his kind of government.

It’s had believe that person who lived under communism and got rich would be so committed to turning his adopted country into a communist state. He is a fountainhead of evil.


Okay, so you missed this part:

Meaning they’re asking for a refund of taxes they pay. They are asking for their own money back.

I love how damn slaggards of any damn country always have their hands out to us. and not with any humility but with arrogant entitlement.


They’re asking for their own money back.

Immigrants with ITINs, pay taxes. That’s what having that number means. It doesn’t work unless you pay into it.

They’re freakin’ illegal. they shouldn’t even be in the country.
and. they should be damn thankful they ARE here.

Every day I hear of actual americans not getting the help they need and these damn Mexicans go into SS/welfare and get all kinds of goodies to help them…then they go to Walmart and buy flat screens and go to salons to get their nails done.

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They should be, and are, because our economy needs them.

The immigration system doesn’t bring in enough people to satiate demand; so employers and immigrants come to their own arrangements. The Government is at best a middleman getting in the way.

That wouldn’t be necessary if the immigration system wasn’t a mess that fails to listen to the people using it.

I recall Trump trying to embrace the Canadian model; letting individual States decide how many immigrants they’ll cap at; that would at least be a step in the right direction.

They do not pay income tax at those income levels, they pay SSI and Medicare (which they collect as well); the rest they get back PLUS the Earned Income Tax Credit which covers most of the SSI & Medicare.

They are NOT “asking for their own money back”, they are asking (more like demanding) MY money.


My illegal coworker was earning more than me at my Fedex job and I PAY INCOME TAX.


Wait a minute… I thought we were discussing LEGAL non citizen residents who pay taxes… Now it seems you are talking about ILLEGAL immigrants using fake SS numbers I suppose?

For the record, I have always known and said frequently that ILLEGALS make far more money than legal citizens in the cities and states where they are exempt from obeying the laws that citizens must follow.

It is you that claims they are impoverished and working for nothing; unless of course you need to claim the opposite for a response; then you simply reverse your position! :rofl:

Too easy :slight_smile:

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Shut up RET.

The story itself lays out right in the first post who we’re talking about, you’re just being an idiot.

The story even outright states that legal residents get a refund; there’s no place for you to trot out this excuse.

Typical Leftist, I call you on your goalposts shift and you demand censorship :rofl:

I don’t obey your politicians and they have guns, you can’t possibly think that I will take orders from you! :slight_smile:

You cornered yourself as usual, that is what happens when you try to claim false reasons for what you support and oppose; if you simply admitted your agenda you wouldn’t keep doing this to yourself :rofl:

Oh word games again. yay.

Hey RET, how’s it feeling knowing that you don’t attend to any argument with honesty?

That you plan, from the outset, to play a game?

You can’t do a thing with @alaskaslim, Ret. He is 1000% on favor of open borders. There is no debating with him . I tried long ago. He thinks we need many millions of unskilled workers for our economy, even if we have to put all of them on the dole.

Let him play in his mud puddle. Debating him on this issue is a waste of time.

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Well that’s a lie, and you know that. That’s why talk broke down between us.

You angle, and poster, and you never acknowledged what my position was.

You failed, because you weren’t sincere. Just self-righteous.

Yup, it’s proven to make our economy more productive. No economist denies this.

We also need the labor, there’s no denying that. They wouldn’t be hired if they weren’t needed.

I’ve also now worked several jobs where I’ve seen these workers up close. Americans will not do this work in numbers to fill the seats.

Only an ignoramus whose never worked in a factory, certainly not in the last 20 years, would assert otherwise.

Import the labor, or import the product. That’s the choice.

No, it’s not a lie. I had to twist your arm forever until you started talking about guest worker programs. Before then it was nothing but open borders rhetoric from you. Even then you left enough loopholes in them so that they would never have to go back their home country.

You will never admit what your true position is if you are too embarrassed. All you do is come back with squirrely answers. You can never answer a direct simple question if you think it make you look bad here.

I have news for you. You look bad here.

You don’t even have enough moral fortitude to support kicking convicted felons out of the country. If that’s not true, then you can tell us the YOU DO support deporting convicted felons. I know you won’t because you be back to your “squirrel in the tree position” as always.

When it comes to the immigration issue, you are as big as socialist as AOC and the rest of the open borders crowd. You try to paint yourself as some kind libertarian conservative. That is just ruse.


You get on thin ice when you make statements like that. I heard that from economics professors back in the late 1960s when I was in undergraduate school, but that was true BEFORE illegals could come here and get on the dole. If you and your Democrat friends get what they want, they will get free health care, free tuition to college, free housing and a guaranteed income. In other words they will get the the upper middle class lifestyle handed to them while the rest of us have to work for it and pay taxes to support them.

We don’t need any more unskilled workers who can barely find a job. We have plenty of those already. We don’t need to import more of them. America cannot be the dumping ground from uneducated, unskilled people who can’t make their own way.

I fully support LEGAL immigration. I support those have the skills and the desire to make this country better. If the laws are too difficult for qualified immigrants, we need to reform system. I am not alone. My friends who are immigrants, or who the children of immigrants have the same view. They had to work through the system. Others should have to do the same.

I am not in favor of giving everything to every person who just walks across the border and demands handouts. I definitely not in favor of harboring criminals, gang members and dope dealers. They can go back to their home countries.

I don’t hear any more garbage from you about how I am “insincere.” I have made my position clear. If you can’t understand my position, then you can’t read English.

I am not a catfish, and you should that given my statements on issues like abortion which are not popular here. What I say is what mean.

Is that what you call it when someone uses your own words to prove that you are debating without intellectual integrity :rofl:

You claimed that these were legal, taxpaying residents who just wanted “their own money back”

When I destroy that ridiculous claim you then claim that your Coworker is an illegal alien who makes more than you?

So I guess he wants whose money back? Oh yeah, my money which is what I said to begin with. :rofl:

Round and round you go as you try to stay one step ahead of your own deceptions.

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No, the choice is “import the democrat voters or watch the Democrat Party wither into American history with all of the other Communists”