CoryBooker Sexually Assaulted Me and why it won't matter to the #metoo movement


Since we are told that ‘we must’ believe all accusers!
(Or is that only female accusers?):neutral_face:

Accusation at link, along with a link to the letter.


It would nice if Cory got caught with pants around his ankles, especially since he was ready to “sacrifice his career” on the Supreme Court nomination issue. But even if it is true, it won’t be reposted, at least by the fake news people, because he’s potential Democrat presidential candidate, and he’s Black. It’s the “ye olde Democrat reporting standard” that dominates what stories get reported by the lame stream news media.


I mean, Keith Ellison is stinging from an equally worthless and untrue set of attacks. It wouldn’t surprise me if this takes Booker down. Ever since Roy Moore and Al Franken I’ve been about 90% sure the next Democratic nominee for president will almost necessarily be a woman.

Because if Al Franken can be kicked out of the senate for a silly photo and grabbing someone’s waist fat, my God, how is Joe Biden going to make it through?

I think the media is suddenly grooming Beto in Texas to be the lone male alternative, because he’s good looking enough to fend off sexual assault claims, even if real. Ugly guys will go down by default from what I’ve seen.

So at this point it’s basically O’Rourke or some female(my money is on Kamala). I’d suggest Cortez to run as well. Much like Obama her star is now - not in 2024+.


LOL. Kamala slept her way to the Senate, CWolf. How is that any different from accusations against any man?


Al Franklin was caught on a photo grabbing a woman’s breasts. That is the difference, CWolf. If a Republican Congressman or Senator had been photographed doing that, they would not have lasted as long as Frankin did. There is a double standard.


And Kavanaugh was in a “bar fight” :roll_eyes:

And every accusation against him was as equally serious and credible as every accusation against Moore or Kavanaugh.

Much like the complete BS about Keith Ellison, which is revenge for daring to challenge the Status Quo in the DNC. This is a message from Perez that you do not challenge authority or you will pay for it. Even if you leave the Congress, they’ll hunt you down.

This thing with Booker is clearly BS. It’s transparently obvious. Much like Ford with Kavanaugh. It’s literally designed as a copycat of that exact tactic.

You’re missing which side the #metoo hysteria is on, and it’s not your side, it’s their side. They’re mostly eating their own here(especially when you include Hollywood and the media).

Moore is(to date), the only Republican to go down over obviously made up nonsense. We’re at 2 high profile Democratic politicians and counting. That body count is going to grow a lot in 2020, because Kirsten Gilibrand has an unlimited number of knives up her sleeve, and if she can run Franken out of the senate, there is no hope for Biden, Booker, or Cuomo.


The Me Too Movement has unlimited knives up their sleeves. It’s a better gimmick for them than what Joe McCarthy had.

As for Hollywood, I think that Weinstein was guilty as charged. Some of the accusers, like that woman showed up almost naked at the American Music Awards circa 2012, Rose McGowin, was a publicity hound, but too many others are credible.

As for the political body count, the Dems are still ahead. Minnesota voters would elect a cock roach to the Senate over a Republican if the Dems nominated it. Alabama was a “safe seat” that the Dems got to steal. Just look at Al Frankin. The main discourse that he had before Minnesota voters elected him him was a book entitiled “George Bush Is a Big Fat Dummy.” I guess he learned his eloquence while he was studying at Harvard.

Of course, to be objective, we got shafted By Steve Bannon who has a political tin ear. I hope that Republicans will have the good sense to ignore him in the future.


Any facts to back that up, or is this just an unsubstantiated opinion?


Same question as above.


Ellison runs for Attorney General in the wake of daring to challenge DWS’s hand picked successor supported by both Clinton and Obama and losing by apparently 3 votes for DNC chair. And just one week before the Democratic primary, his ex-girlfriend starts contacting reporters to give them a vague story of “abuse” from Ellison, and all of it was pure coincidence.

Just like I’m sure the timing of Ford’s letter to the Senate and that lady in Alabama with the yearbook on Moore were all just pure coincidences. Same for the gaggle of Trump accusers about two weeks out from the election. So many timing coincidences with verbal accusations of sexual and physical abuse from women.

We should take all of them seriously, right? Especially the gang rape one. “All aboard the rape train!” just sounds like a phrase the judge was famous on campus for yelling before parties, right? Sounds highly credible.

Because it’s every bit as believable as Ford’s letter which was a transparent political hit job.

Do you think this letter should be taken any more seriously than Ford’s should have?


From what I’ve seen in the media, the Ellison story has been deep six’d with no investigation. Conversely, the Moore and Kavanaugh cases were all over the news to the benefit of the Democrats. The coverage was not equal in any way.