Cost of the Sandy Relief Bill


I went through HR 152 which is commonly referred to as the Sandy Relief bill.
I totalled all costs in it in a spreadsheet and came to a total of $1,055.647 billion. I may have missed a few billion here or there since it is a rather large bill just full of pork.

Bill Text - 113th Congress (2013-2014) - THOMAS (Library of Congress)

For comparison, total property damage from hurricane Katrina is estimated at $108 billion. Sandy is estimated as $65 billion.


In case no one has done the math, this bill is $1 trillion more than the actual property damage caused by the hurricane. We would be better off gifting the money to everyone that has property damage.


Surprise, the House Repub’s passed a bill loaded with pork! Oh wait, it not a surprise. Carry on, just another day in jj’s and Jazz’s world.


In case no one has done the math**, this bill is $1 trillion more than the actual property damage **caused by the hurricane. We would be better off gifting the money to everyone that has property damage.

Ummmmm…no it ain’t.

WASHINGTON — The House has approved a **$50.7 billion measure for Superstorm Sandy victims.
The 241-180 vote sends the measure to the Senate which is expected to take it up next Tuesday.

Northeast lawmakers from both parties have been pressing for the aid for more than two months.

The Oct. 29 storm is blamed for 140 deaths and pounded the Atlantic coast from North Carolina to Maine with hurricane-force winds and coastal flooding. New York, New Jersey and Connecticut were the hardest hit.

Only 49 Republicans voted for it, while 179 Republicans and one Democrat voted against.
Read more: Sandy Relief Bill Vote: Conservatives See ‘Pork’ - Business Insider

The names of those 49 Reps who voted for this $50billion without offsets are not yet available on line. I will publish them here tomorrow so all can see how THEIR Congressperson voted.
For the record…I am FOR federal disaster relief that goes to THAT purpose an no other. I am also in favor of paying for it out of current funds…which means equivilent cuts elsewhere. This bill (HR152) fails on both counts.


[quote=“tperkins, post:3, topic:37837”]
Surprise, the House Repub’s passed a bill loaded with pork! Oh wait, it not a surprise. Carry on, just another day in jj’s and Jazz’s world.
[/quote]Ah but didn’t the leaders say they were for cuts? Saying and doing are far different things it seems.


Unless they did a major overhaul of the bill and have not posted it yet, then the number that I came up with is the actual cost. Just one line item is more than the $50 billion you cite:

National Park Service


For an additional amount for `Construction’ for necessary expenses related to the consequences of Hurricane Sandy, $234,000,000, to remain available until expended: Provided, That such amount is designated by the Congress as being for an emergency requirement pursuant to section 251(b)(2)(A)(i) of the Balanced Budget and Emergency Deficit Control Act of 1985.

The site I linked above is the actual text of the bill but there is no direct link. You have to do a new search each time for the bill. Just search for “sandy”:

Search Bill Text - 113th Congress - THOMAS (Library of Congress)


The problem with the link is that it has not been updated since 1/4.
There have been HUGE changes since then. The real number is $50B…+ about another 10 passed earlier…so in the neighborhood of 60 billion…BORROWED above and beyond the “budget”.


Here are the yes votes

H.R. 152: Disaster Relief Appropriations Act, 2013 (On Passage of the Bill) –

Young, Don - AK
Bonner, Jo - AL 1
Bachus, Spencer - AL 6
Crawford, Eric - AR 1
Denham, Jeff - CA 10
Valadao, David - CA 21
McCarthy, Kevin - CA 23
McKeon, Buck - CA 25
Young, W. Bill - FL 13
Diaz-Balart, Mario - FL 25

Ros-Lehtinen, Ileana - FL 27
Davis, Rodney - IL 13
Shimkus, John - IL 15
Young, Todd - IN 9
Whitfield, Ed - KY 1
Rogers, Hal - KY 5
Boustany, Charles - LA 3
Alexander, Rodney - LA 5
Harper, Gregg - MS 3
Palazzo, Steven - MS 4

Cramer, Kevin - ND
LoBiondo, Frank - NJ 2
Runyan, Jon - NJ 3
Smith, Chris - NJ 4
Garrett, Scott - NJ 5
Lance, Leonard - NJ 7
Frelinghuysen, Rodney - NJ 11
King, Pete - NY 2
Grimm, Michael - NY 11
Gibson, Christopher - NY 19

Hanna, Richard - NY 22
Reed, Tom - NY 23
Collins, Chris - NY 27
Turner, Michael - OH 10
Lucas, Frank - OK 3
Cole, Tom - OK 4
Gerlach, Jim - PA 6
Meehan, Patrick - PA 7
Fitzpatrick, Michael - PA 8
Marino, Tom - PA 10

Barletta, Lou - PA 11
Dent, Charles - PA 15
Culberson, John - TX 7
Cantor, Eric - VA 7
Wolf, Frank - VA 10
Herrera Beutler, Jaime - WA 3
Reichert, David - WA 8
McKinley, David - WV 1
Capito, Shelley - WV 2


Thats $234 million not $234 billion


You are right. After looking at big numbers all day, I got my decimal places off. :frowning:


Just for fun I added up all the numbers on that bill and came up with 17.4 billion but it doesnt include the 77 amendments tacked on which apparently bring it up to 50 billion


First, the House agreed to an underlying bill that contained $17 billion intended to cover immediate relief needs, including $5.4 billion for the Federal Emergency Management Agency fund that funnels aid directly to individuals and local communities to rebuild. The measure passed on a 327 to 91 vote.

Then, on a 228 to 192 vote, the House tacked on $33.6 billion in additional money to cover a longer-term effort to rebuild.

Splitting the bill into two pieces allowed Republicans who wanted to provide immediate help to be able to withhold their votes from the long-term effort; only 38 Republicans backed adding the longer-term dollars.

At least, a majority of House Republicans managed to remember we’re broke. Otherwise, a disgusting display.


Speaking of disgusting…

It’s been over a decade since 9/11/2001 and the World Trade Center hasn’t been rebuilt. What in the Sam Hill is up with that? I’m betting that two years from now there will still be efforts to get yet more money for the ravages from Sandy, the $60 billion will be long gone…it’s rumored that there’s enough money in that bill for the Army Corps of Engineers, the people whose construction efforts made Katrina into a predicted disaster, equal to their existing annual budget…and the WTC still won’t be completed.

For my $60 billion, I want to see a two thousand foot World Trade Center, topped by a twenty story high rendition of the American “bird” aimed towards Mecca. And, with a 10-15% unemployment rate, I want to see it done and painted in two years!

Six private contractors built Boulder Dam in five years, during the depths of the Depression, using untried construction techniques on a project of a scale of which had never been attempted in human history…and they finished two years ahead of schedule. The interstate highway system was approved on June 29, 1956. They started laying pavement, actual concrete, by the end of September. In May of '61 Kennedy said we’re going to put a man on the moon before the end of the decade. Eight years and two months later, we did. What in the Sam Hill happened to that America?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not in favor of blowing $60 billion, ever. Especially when a good chunk of it will go to dredging Great Lakes harbors for recreational boating access to the big lakes, which are at cyclical lows…meaning they go up and down, if not always predictably. But, if we’re going to do something, what happened to the country that used to do its somethings really big? The Big Dig, a 3.5 mile tunnel in Boston, went $20 billion over budget, on a $2.5 billion budget, was finished…sorta…ten years late, and the sumbitch leaks! At least, when the Pentagon “wastes” $2 billion on a Seawolf submarine it’s quieter at 25 knots than the Los Angeles class it replaced is while sitting at the dock, and it can deliver a Tomahawk missile to the exact corner office selected from five hundred miles away. If I’m going to mortgage my kid’s future…I guess I’m into my grandkid’s future now…I at least want it to be for something I can say, “Look at that! Only the effin’ Americans can do sh** like that!” Damn, I’m pissed!


Sway, that was beautiful!!! Heartfelt applause sent your way!

Ya want better? This is awful, if true, but I’ve no reason to disbelieve my neighbor who’s and insurance adjuster/claims manager. She working on some of the claims out of NJ. Says there’re people there who still do not have electricity.
How can this be so?!


Sway…I’m pleased to award you the “Cardiac Paul Memorial Rant of the Month” trophy! :smiley: