Costliest former presidents: Government spent nearly $3.7M on ex-presidents in 2012


I found this article amusing in that the amount taken from taxpayers by presidents tracks with the increase in federal spending.

Government spent nearly $3.7M on ex-presidents in 2012 - Associated Press -

As expected, George W. is taking the most from taxpayers during his retirement. The American public foots the bill for $400,000 worth of office space, and also paid the phone bill for the extravagantly wealthy Bush 43. Bush chalked up $80,000 in phone calls on the taxpayer’s dime. What will Obama do, make us pay his $250,000 laundry tab?


This should just be cut off, but as usual I’m just being a silly dreamer. I think an ex-president ought to have to live like everyone else once he leaves office – all assets, cash and so forth gained during office must be surrendered to a randomly selected charity from a list compiled by a randomly selected precinct chairman from northern Nevada. Their incomes should be limited to the median wage, period. They helped make the mess, they should have to lie in it.

No Secret Service detail either! Maybe that’ll deter them from taking office.

Does anyone at all actually think this should continue?


If anyone should be living up to that old JFK slogan (i.e., “Ask not…”), it’s an ex-president. After all, they were given the privilege of holding the highest office in the country. No one has received more from the country than these guys. Then they leave office and become the biggest welfare recipients in the nation? It’s the principle of it. Suppose your neighbor were to retire and sign up for some ill-conceived program where the government pays his phone bill, and then he ran up an $80,000 a year tab; what would you call the guy? How about: “asshole.”


I can almost guarantee someone (not a welfare recipient like the ex-presidents) thinks this is a good idea because it’s such a hard and thankless job or some such idiocy. I doubt anyone here is going to defend it, though I hope they do. I just gotta see this.


I remember reading years ago Carter was costing taxpayers $2 million dollars as an ex-president. Now that Obama has decided that ex-presidents need life time protection those costs will go up.


Bush is a national treasure and needs these things. You guys need to get with murica. This is terrorist talk. You are either with us or against us!