Could 50 be the new zero for Broward schools?


The Broward school district is proposing eliminating the grade of zero and making 50 the lowest score a student could earn as a way to motivate failing students.
But the proposed change has irked parents who say it’s simply not fair.
“By raising zeroes up to 50 it tells the kid who’s been trying, they might as well not do anything, because they’re going to get the same grade,” said parent Nick Sakhnovsky.
Cynthia Park, the district’s director of college and career readiness, said the percentage range for the F grade would be changed to 50-59 instead of 0-59. She said a committee of parents, teachers, principals and district staff have been working since October on the change.

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This sounds similar for when it was proposed that grades be given liked completed and such instead of the usual grading structure.


One more, small, tessera in the mosaic of creating a permanent dependent class that votes itself goodies from the highest bidder among the political parties! The bigger sections of that mosaic are:

  • “Social Promotion”, that prevents the possibility of remediating students who didn’t learn, rewards not learning, and makes high school diplomas increasingly meaningless;

  • Multi-generational “welfare” (a metaphor encompassing the whole network of social programs, not just the program named Welfare) that encourages making dependence a lifestyle and discourages making the effort to be provident.


This is stupid.

I was talking with my coworker about this yesterday. He’s a UNO grad, and actually used to work for my Dad at an electronics manufacturing facility.
While college was needed for engineering, for his current career, it is certainly not. Sure, the IT industry likes college, but it’s been my experience where time on the bench, certifications, and actual work history have a much higher importance.

I’m tired of the whole “every kid must go to college” bull caca agenda. Schools need to go back to getting people the basic skills they need in life. You don’t need college for a successful career. What ever happened to schools having Auto Shop, metal working, and so on? They eliminated all of that at my high school. Auto shop went in 1985, right before I got there. I was seriously ticked, still am.


from the article

District officials say the change would boost graduation rates, prevent teachers from using zeroes as punishment and reduce drop-out rates.

This is the type of stuff that happens when we try to quantify and reward how good schools are