Could this be the last competitive national election in the United States?

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have made it quite clear. If they win the presidency, and the Democrats gain control of the Senate, they are going to pack the Supreme Court. Both Biden and Harris have refused to answer direct questions concerning that issue in the debates.

Biden has the brass to state that he would not the question about packing the Supreme Court until after the election. Imagine that! “Old moderate Joe” refuses to answer a major policy question until he thinks he has been elected. In 2018 Harris stated that she would definitely entertain the idea if it were proposed. Anyone who can come to the conclusion that they WOULD NOT PACK the court is delusional.

What will happen if the Democrats pact the Supreme Court, take control of the White House and both houses of Congress? They would do away with the filibuster rule in the Senate so that that minority could not stop their legislation. They would go forward with their policy of open borders that would allow millions of illegal aliens into the United States. They would put them on welfare and “free” medical care. They would fast track them to citizenship so that they would make up a super majority of the electorate.

With total control they will make Washington, DC and Porto Rico into to states, thus assuring them of four more seats in the Senate, which will cement their majority.

If there were any court challenges to these measures, the packed Supreme Court would not stand in their way. Legal legislators, with lifetime appointments in black robes, posing as Supreme Court Justices, would legislate everything from the bench. The minority would have no legislative or legal recourse. In short, The United States will become a one-party country and ultimately a dictatorship given the fact that core of the Democratic Party is now firmly socialist.

Commentator, David Webb, put it quite well on the radio yesterday. You get to vote for the communists or the socialists once. After that there is no more real voting because they will have all the power.

Once they codify political correctness, there will be no free speech. They will end the Second Amendment in “the interest of public safety.” The de-fund the police movement will drive out of most of current officers and replace them with "The Checka” that will enforce the laws the socialists want to be enforced and ignore the laws they don’t support. A packed Supreme Court will rule in favor of all of this.


Why did Franklin Roosevelt’s plan to pack the Supreme Court in 1937 fail? The Democrat Party had huge majorities in both houses of Congress, and the only thing that stood between him and total control was the Supreme Court. According to Roosevelt, who was really on his high horse after he won all but two states in the 1936 presidential election (So goes Maine, so goes Vermont.), the Supreme Court was populated by old men who needed a break. So, in his magnanimous way, FDR was going to add more members to “lessen their workload.”

The Democrats bulked at the idea for a couple of reasons. First there were still enough conservative Democrats left, mostly in the South, who bulked at the idea of giving FDR that much power.

Second Arkansas Senator, Joe Robinson, who was the majority leader in the Senate, died of a heart attack unexpectedly. He keeled over in his office. FDR had promised Robinson a seat on the Supreme Court if he played ball and got the additional members approved. Old Joe was all in until the grim reaper came along and short circuited his plans.

Old Joe Robinson was really full of himself. While he was still alive the Congress authorized and FDR signed legislation that authorized this commemorative half dollar. Not even Chuck Schumer would have the hubris to pull something like that today. If you don’t believe it, here’s the coin. Today collectors call it the “Arkansas – Robinson Commemorative Half Dollar.” And no, it’s not rare. The number sold was 25,265.

Here’s jugate button from when Joe Robinson ran with Al Smith in the 1928 presidential election.

How is this election going to turn out? Who the heck knows.

Is it likely Biden/Harris will win? Probably, but I wouldn’t bet anything on it.

All the polls show them ahead, but polls last time showed Hitlery ahead and we know how that turned out.

If Biden/Harris win, here’s how it may go.

Often, when one party wins the executive branch, voters give the legislative branch to the other party.

Sooooo . . . Biden/Harris will not have an automatic “gimme” in Congress.

The executive will be Dem while Congress will be GOP.

What will Biden/Harris do?

Knowing that it will be unlikely they will get anything through Congress, they will try to reverse Trump’s Executive Orders by doing their own EOs.

Will Congress try to stop it?

Probably, but I don’t know if they’ll be able to do it.

This is all my own speculation so I could easily be wrong.

I hope you’re wrong. If we see a Biden/Harris win on November 3rd, on November 4th, the stock markets will crash…BIGLY…and that has profound effect on most people’s 401Ks and other retirement plans.

The big concern about Congress is the number of Republican seats that are up in the Senate. It’s going to be hard to hold it. If the Democrats get the majority there, we are doomed. Unlike 1937, they have almost perfect party discipline. They vote in a block.

The fact is, the Senate tried to create a precedent under Obama and then turned right around and broke it 3 years later.

Now, don’t bother arguing this with me, that is the perception, even among many Republicans. Don’t forget Linsey’s “use my words against me” statement.

So McConnell has given Dems all the justification for “packing” the courts in the eyes of many.

I think there should be one more justice appointed by Dems than there is now. But, Joe can’t just appoint 1, He’ll need to appoint 2.

I won’t be the least bit surprised if Biden and Harris appoint 2 Justices given the shenanigans the Republicans engaged in when Obama was President.

So having said that I will concede that McConnell and Trump didn’t break the law or violate the Consitution when it chose to refuse to consider over 100 federal judgeships and 1 SC pick if you admit there is nothing in the Constitution that prevents Biden from appointing more justices.

Do I think he will appoint 4 justices in order to take back control of the SC? God, I hope not, but if that is really your worry then the solution for Republicans is simple. Admit that the precedent set by McConnell was in error and renominate Merrick Garland.

Seriously. It would remove all political justification for Joe appointing anyone and Republicans would retain the 5-4 advantage, what it rightfully should be.

If you still think that Joe would appoint justices to take over the court, well, then he’d need to appoint 2, not 4, and given what you fear about the filibuster rule, it would be better to have 2 super-ultra far left justices and 4, right?

What’s going to be really ironic is when Joe packs the court and a year later cases regarding Joe’s actions come before the court and the Justices appointed by Biden refuse to recuse.

Again, Republicans set the precedents and Dems follow them.

Yup. That’s exactly what he will do. What does bringing back Merrick Garland do for anything? That is totally illogical.

You act like the Democrats and honest and logical. They are not. Look at Pelosi, you see how the Democrats operate.

It will remove the political justification for packing the court. For nominating any justices.

And, as I already said, if you really think he’s going to appoint enough justices to take over the court anyway, then he’ll only get to appoint 2 not 4.

There is nothing fair and honest about the people who run the Democrat Party, Mr. Brown. They are socialists and hate the democratic process.

More right-wing extremest whining. If you want to have a conversation, that’s cool, if you want to whine, go whine to someone who cares.

What “precedent” are you babbling about, CSB? That they refused to confirm Obama’s liberal replacement of an originalist justice of the Supreme Court? That was no “precedent.” It has been done that way 27 times over our history and the last time a Senate from one party confirmed a nominee by a President of the opposite party was in 1888 when Democrat Grover Cleveland’s nominee was confirmed by a Republican Senate. The opposite (Democrat Senate confirming a GOP nominee in the last year of a presidential term) has NEVER happened. Harris even LIED about her “Abe Lincoln” story during that so-called “debate.” Abe Lincoln was in the last year of his first term when a vacancy on the court occurred. He didn’t nominate anyone immediately because the SENATE wasn’t in session to “advise and consent” and in 1864 you couldn’t fly back to D.C. from Kalifornia on short notice for a conference to do so. It would take MONTHS to assemble a Senatorial quorum–or even a judicial committee quorum. As soon as the Senate WAS back in session, he made his nomination who was confirmed the SAME DAY as his announcement.

Where is it written in the Constitution that Justices are to be appointed by the party that they ideologically identify with?

Don’t worry…I’ll wait.

And, even if you believe that tripe, how are you now going to support Trump’s pick to replace Ginsburg? Either way you eat crow on this…lol

You’re forgetting ONE THING, CSB. Biden/Harris have to be elected on November 3rd and the Dimwits need to take control of the Senate and KEEP control of the House for ANY of your speculations to come to fruition. PROBABLY not gonna happen.

Isn’t written anywhere, but no President would KNOWINGLY appoint someone antithetical to their own political philosophy. Do you think a Liberal Democrat would have appointed Justices Thomas or Scalia? Not a chance, even though both are well-qualified, exceptional jurists. How is my assertion “tripe?” It’s a FACT. Neither would any Republican have appointed Sotomayor or Kagan or, for that matter, Ginsberg. All three were well-known to be far-left loonies before they were nominated.

Wanna bet?

I mean, RET Reneged on his bet, you but I’d bet Trump is gonna lose and the Senate will fall to Dems (and give you your chance to renege).

If it’s split Senate to one party and President to the other we’ll call a draw.

And if we agree to a bet, it will depend on who is sitting in the White house come, let’s say Jan 31st. Period, no claims of cheating, no backing out, what do ya say?

Loser leaves this site forever?

Feeling confident? I doubt it.

I quit gambling on the day that I won $10,000 casually playing a slot machine in Bossier City, Louisiana. That way, I’m WAY ahead.

Nice luck!!! I did the same thing in Atlantic city. Told myself when the $100 ran out I was done, but my prize was a LOT smaller than yours, I won about $250 and never looked back.

Sounds like you aren’t as confident when there are consequences, plus, your not gambling money, just pride.

But that’s cool, I figured you’d back down. A sign you don’t really believe Trump will win because if you did you’d take that in a heartbeat to get rid of me.


I was with a group of people from work who went to the Horseshoe casino in Bossier City for their seafood buffet lunch…which was superb, by the way! After our meal, the boss asked if we minded if he played a little Blackjack before going back to the office to which we all replied no, of course. (He WAS the boss, after all.). He sat down at the $100 minimum table and started playing. I got bored and walked downstairs to play a slot machine I’d had SOME luck at before, winning an occasional $80 or so. As I walked up to the machine, an elderly black lady got up and walked away. I asked if she was done with the machine, to which she replied that she was. “It’s not doing anything,” she said. I put two $20’s into the machine and sat down and hit “Max play” ($3) once and got nothing. I hit it again and all of a sudden lights started flashing and bells ringing! I’d hit it for $10,000! Immediately 3 female casino employees came up and congratulated me, handed me tax forms and asked how much I wanted to deduct for federal taxes. After they’d deducted taxes for the feds and Louisiana, I was paid $7,400 in $100 dollar bills! About then, the other guys came downstairs looking for me and I got distracted and failed to tip the girl who’d paid me off–which I regretted. I told that little old black lady that there was still $34 on the machine that she could have if she liked. She sat down and a couple of plays later, hit the same machine for $80, which made her very happy. I gave a woman at our office $200 because she jokingly asked for it. She was very startled when I peeled of two $100 bills and handed them to her! Later that afternoon, when I was going out for a smoke, a woman came in frantic that her mother’s gas had been shut off, wanting to talk to someone about it. I gave HER $400 to pay her mother’s gas bill up to date and told her that it was “company policy.”


Not sure what it has to do with the topic but great post Dave.

Back to the OP. Come what may, the filibuster is NOT going away. There are a handful of Democrat Senators who do NOT want to vote for the Green New Deal, reparations or any of the other crackpot bills that may come out of the House. Shumer knows that if he eliminates the filibuster many of his caucus will have to go on the record Yea or Nay on politically divise issues that will hurt their re-election efforts. Better to keep the filibuster and blame the obstructionist Republicans for failure to enact some of the really crazy “red meat” proposals.

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