Coulter: My final argument for Trump...Humiliate the Media


You really must read this…an easy read and enjoyable as usual with Ann Coulter


For every argument the media makes against Trump, Hillary’s worse.

(1) Eleven years ago, Trump said on a secretly recorded tape that celebrities can do anything -- even grab a woman's p*ssy. 

Hillary, born-again Victorian virgin, campaigns with Beyonce, who performs a duet with the words "curvalicious, p*ssy served delicious.” 

Hillary is thrilled to have the support of Madonna – who has publicly offered to give blow jobs to anyone who votes for Hillary. (She’ll even remove her teeth!) LOLOLOL

Hillary's campaign has deployed Miley Cyrus to canvas for her -- when Cyrus is not busy inviting men in the audience to reach up and grab her p*ssy. ([Video]( of delicate flower Miley Cyrus in action.) UNbefreakinglievable

When Vernon Jordan was asked by CBS' Mike Wallace what he talked about while golfing with Bill Clinton -- aka Hillary's husband -- he answered: "P*ssy.”     a bit of truth

Oh, and 11 years before Teddy Kennedy ran for president as the Conscience of the Democratic Party – he killed a girl. After grabbing her p*ssy. OUCH.

more at link.


(3) Trump doesn’t give enough to charity.

The media only counts “charitable giving” if it can be taken as a tax deduction with the IRS. When Trump spent time and money saving a Georgia family farm from foreclosure in the 1980s, for example, he didn’t get any tax write-off.

Hillary, by contrast, was a big philanthropist because, at about the same time, she was taking a deduction for donations of Bill’s used underwear – the modern equivalent of smallpox-laden blankets. Today, the munificent Clinton Foundation spends less than 10 percent of its revenues on actual charity, using about 90 percent for salaries, offices and travel.

(4) Several of Trump’s businesses went bankrupt.

Trump has created or helped create hundreds of businesses. Fewer than 10 went bankrupt. Hillary had one business, Whitewater Development Corp., and it went bankrupt – after ripping off scores of ordinary Americans. Also, a dozen prominent Arkansans went to prison in connection with sleazy financial transactions involving Whitewater.

(5) Trump University was a scam!

Approximately 10,000 graduates of Trump University were thrilled with the program and said so in writing. But a law firm that paid Hillary and Bill Clinton $675,000 for three speeches managed to find a handful of disgruntled students to be the named plaintiffs in a class-action lawsuit against it.

Trump University was a minuscule portion of Trump’s portfolio. Whitewater was a huge part of Bill and Hillary’s get-rich-quick schemes, scamming the elderly, retirees and working-class Americans for the money-hungry Clintons.

As described by The Washington Post, people who bought property from the Whitewater Development Corp. were required to submit a down payment, followed by monthly payments, until the entire purchase price of the property was paid off. But if buyers missed a single payment for any reason, the entire transaction would be deemed null and void, and the property, as well as all prior payments, would be forfeited to the Whitewater corporation. No foreclosure proceeding, no court hearing, no due process.

More than half of Whitewater’s customers lost their entire investment. (See “Whitewater Repossessions; Sales Practice Benefited Clintons, Partners,” The Washington Post, April 21, 1994.)

Though Hillary had long claimed to have nothing to do with the operation of the business, when the books were finally opened, it turned out that the monthly checks were mailed to the Whitewater Development Corp. – “care of Hillary Rodham Clinton.” (See “Records Show Wider Role for Hillary Clinton; Whitewater Papers Detail Involvement,” The Washington Post, April 21, 1994.)


If nothing else good can be said of Coulter, she has impeccable links and sources. YOu can take her remarks to the bank she is so accurate.

In my opinion, she is funny, she is attractive, yes, actually she has a model’s build. She is super intelligent, witty, charming, prolific extraordinary writer, extremely psychologically mature and a superb researcher.


There are people who think they can get into some get rich quick scheme and find out they have to work at it or are not willing to put the time into making it happen.


Honestly I haven’t been surprised at anything that surfaced about the Clintons & their dealings. It does surprise me that people can’t look at them & see how sleazy they are. And I’m not talking about politics here, just them as people.