Coulter savages Trump


I have to agree with Alaskaslim on this one. If you vote out of spite simply you don’t get everything you want, you are acting like a child. That’s how the snowflake millennials, like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, act.

If our conservative base starts voting for socialist loons, like Bernie Sanders, this country is finished. It’s an indicator that you have given up completely.

Of course it also goes with the historic perverse strategies of the extremes of both sides of the political spectrum. They think if you vote for the worst of your political opposition, and their policies turn into disasters, people will flock to the other side, and you will get your way eventually. That might sound good in theory, but it doesn’t work in reality. Unless you have true classical revolution, which changes the ruling class of a society, the bad stuff that gets passed is, more often than not, there forever or at least for generations. It took from 1896 until 1954 to reverse the separate but equal decision for the public schools.


Not necessarily; if the Dems anti-wall garbage gets enough attention (and it might, the MSM spin doctors not withstanding), then the voters might well place the blame where blame is due. It wouldn’t get Pelosi out of office, but it would become Minority Leader again…


“Conservatives”, whatever that means, did not elect Donald Trump. If Trump wasn’t on the ballot in 2016, many of those 80,000 would have actually voted for Bernie. At least he agreed with them on trade.

If, God forbid, the 2020 “choices” are a socialist loon or someone like Jeb or Willard I’ll either stay home or vote for the socialist loon. They will tank the economy but the rest of their agenda is DOA in Congress and maybe America will start to wake up with another gut punch to their wallets and retirement accounts.

The whole modern world has divided itself into Conservatives and Progressives. The business of Progressives is to go on making mistakes. The business of the Conservatives is to prevent the mistakes from being corrected. G. K. Chesterton


When Flynn was caught lying about Russia, the story from the Trump camp was “oh gee, we didn’t do anything wrong, why did he lie when he didn’t have to?” Now basically the entire Trump campaign has been found guilty of criminally lying about Russia, so it’s getting harder and harder to plausibly make that argument. If there’s nothing there, why does everyone in a position to know about it keep criminally lying?


BS. I don’t know where you’re getting this nonsense, but you BADLY need to change your “sources”–whatever they are. Actually, Flynn DIDN’T lie–certainly not about Russia. Even the FBI people who conducted that interview say so. Secondly, “the entire Trump campaign” has NOT been “found guilty of criminally lying about Russia.” They’ve been found “guilty”–those that HAVE been convicted of ANYTHING–of mail fraud or saying things under oath that Mueller’s bunch of Hillary supporters disagree with. NONE of these guilty convictions have the LEAST thing to do with Russia and CERTAINLY not with “collusion” by Russia with the Trump campaign.


He lied about Turkey. He talks crap about the Kurds because they pay him to.

I don’t want a paid off shill for another country’s Government in my own, thank you.


In 2017, Humanity passed the halfway mark for those in the middle class, for the first time in its history.

You’re Welcome. (Love you too!)

– Free Trade


Yet you seem perfectly content with Hillary as your SoS.


? Dave, that’s stupid.


I don’t remember a single post on RO by you castigating Hillary for the cash she took, shilling for the Russians.


Dave, just accept it; you’re speaking stupid right now.

This a stupid deflection, to the fact, that Flynn is an idiot who took money.

Hillary also being an idiot who took money, doesn’t change the fact that Flynn is still an idiot.

He was brought on due to claiming victimization by the Obama Administration, yet it turns out, they actually fired him for good reason. So Trump ended up doing the same.

If even he admits that Flynn was a mistake, you’re not getting anywhere playing devil’s advocate.


General Flynn was free to act as an advocate for Turkey if he so chose. He was even MORE free to contact the Russians during the transition phase of the Trump Administration. If Turkey offered you or even ME several million dollars to be their DC advocate, you can be certain that we’d both take the job. It’s not in any way “illegal” to do so.



More serious answer to the people who call me and other Never Trumpers ideological traitors: I have pretty much suspended most of my arguments with people on the left (and some on the right) until I think we’re past this crisis.
Think of it as an emergency measure. /1

— Tom Nichols (@RadioFreeTom) January 31, 2019

That is, I haven’t changed my views on taxes, abortion, limited govt, defense; but right now, the Constitution and the rule of law are in danger. People who agree with me on that are allies. People who think we’re doing fine are wrong, and I oppose them on that central fact.

— Tom Nichols (@RadioFreeTom) January 31, 2019

I can fight over all that over stuff - and I will - if our constitutional framework survives. Right now, only one party is consistently undermining that framework and its associated norms, because it has become an authoritarian extension of a cult of personality. /3

— Tom Nichols (@RadioFreeTom) January 31, 2019

That party must therefore be deprived of support at every level. The fact that it accidentally supports some issues I care about does not excuse the reality that it is attacking - with foreign help - the *main* thing I care about that makes all other politics possible. /4

— Tom Nichols (@RadioFreeTom) January 31, 2019

This is how I plan to approach politics through the 2020 election and afterward if need be. I will not trade the Constitution for judges or tax cuts or lib-triggering or anything else. It’s been my position since this shitstorm began. /5

— Tom Nichols (@RadioFreeTom) January 31, 2019

Nice, in this climate, to see statements of genuine principle.


The sad thing about that thread to me is that it’s a reminder of a time when the Republican party stood for genuine principles and patriotism. You would never get a “Never Trump” type movement on the left, because the left is about ideological and social victory at all costs, even it meant uniting behind pure scum like Trump. There’s nothing patriotic or principled about Trumpism. What he’s done to the conservative movement is a tragedy for the country.


I don’t worship theories. I am practical. Bernie has been better on border security than most Republicans(who often do nothing because their financial backers like cheap labor).

He’s better than 90% of Democrats and 2/3 of Republicans in Congress pre-Trump.

Go figure.

I unironically love Ron Paul, Dennis Kucinich, Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump, Jim Jordan, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

They all share something in common that most politicians lack. I’ll give you a hint - Tim Pool sees it, and so do most German people.


“Principle?” No President in recent memory has been a closer adherent to the words and SPIRIT of the Constitution than President Trump…not even Ronald Reagan.


You do look past contradiction apparently.

While he’ll be a protest vote in other instances, when it comes to stonewalling the wall, Bernie is toeing the party line. He talks, he doesn’t walk. Which is what I thought you were hating Trump on…?

? You’ve put intentions before results. That’s not practicality, that’s either virtue signalling, or arguing in a vacuum.

Your objections to Market principles are along humanist lines that pay no attention to what our experience with the opposite body of ideas has been.

You blatantly suggest that the entire economic profession has somehow succumbed to a “globalist” agenda,
while also implying it’s just moneyed interests spurring along everything they do.

Word to the wise; if your only explanation for why it is large swathes of ordinary people embrace an idea you don’t like, is because they’re just guilty of cartoonish villainy, chances are high that you don’t understand what they’re saying.

Which it doesn’t. Again, even your own source, Borjas, points out that they drive wages up overtime.

Long term > short term. Because economics is also the future, not just the present.

Skills are the more important topic. If people have [relevant] skills, they’ll have wages they can thrive on. Germans certainly see that too.


Oh REALLY, AS? Germany has become as bad a welfare state because of all the unskilled, uneducated ME “invaders” as Kalifornia has currently become.


You’ve got it; it’s called TDS.

{IMG] Whoopi Goldberg’s head exploding [/IMG]


I get it. You like any politician who speaks their mind and doesn’t hide behind saying what the pollsters tell them to say.

Still there are basic principles which one needs to observe if you care about the country and the future for our children. The leftists have a formula to end economic freedom, bring on hard economic times and even more importantly stifle free speak with the politically correct and me-too movements. I don’t admire any politician who advocates or espouses those views, no matter how honest they are. Honesty is a virtue, but taking the wrong positions on the issues is not.