Council Member Takes Oath Of Office On ‘The Autobiography of Malcolm X,' Giving Black Power Salute


But … But … But … DAVID DUKE!!


Well, at least she’s not bound by her oath…typical of such “politicians.”


Oh geesh… Let her go live in Africa and don’t allow her to come back if that’s the way she feels. Take all those NFL overpaid whiners who won’t stand for the National Anthem and put them on the same boat as she. They don’t deserve the privilege of being an American citizen anymore. I’m just sick of them.


She beat Taylor Pass by just 13 votes running on a platform of economic justice, reducing poverty and discrimination, affordable housing, fair wage jobs, …

I wonder if any journalist will keep track of her record on those issues and compare it with President Trump’s record. Though sadly, she may get credit for the results of President Trump’s policies.


I don’t think she was legally sworn in if she used MX’s book instead of the Bible.


Some guy used the koran to swear on once - but MX’s book, to my knowledge, is not the “holy book” of any religion.

The guy who swore on the Koran used a copy once owned by Thomas Jefferson. Bet he didn’t know why Thomas Jefferson had it. It was to investigate what made the Barbary Pirates tick - and guess what the result was?!