Court: Movie theaters must accommodate deaf-blind patrons


I originally thought that this was from The Onion.
Unfortunately … It isn’t!


I’d say: “You’ve got to be pooping me…” But alas, I’ve seen too much stupid stuff in the last three decades to disbelieve it… Although I don’t expect the ruling to survive if it makes it to the Supreme Court.

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It’s a good thing that all of the Playboy Clubs have faded into history or this court would have them hiring men as Bunnies.


I wouldn’t bet on it. After all, banks are required, by law, to provide braille buttons on DRIVE-THROUGH ATM’s!


Only shows how STUPID you can be and still be a sitting Judge. Solve this CRISES by giving any deaf, dumb or blind person a DVD so they can engage with it as they see fit…


That’s the relevant part of the ruling.


It never should have gotten that far, though. It should have been thrown out as frivolous.