Court reverses sole conviction in San Francisco pier killing


Wrong yeah dingus, anyone with a half-knowledge of Afghanistan’s history knows that it’s been “liberated” by plenty of nations, only for it to fall back where it was.

He had every reason to expect our intervention to turn out the same way (and it did), so why sign up? Why put your family in that sort of risk? Why not just keep your head down?

He backed our play when he had every reason to stay out.

By not supporting him, or people like him when things fell apart, we create a class of people saying “Don’t work with Americans, they screw you over.

Which does not help us, and which I conveniently don’t see you denying RET.


I am not wrong, the United States invested mountains of money and rivers of blood to give Afghanistan a shot at a better government instead of just blasting that craphole to pieces; anyone who was there who helped that effort is indebted to the United States NOT the other way around.

You must be Obama’s speech writer.


Yeah you are, you even forgot the main reason we were there;

It wasn’t liberation, it was getting Bin Laden, and punishing his allies.

Allies, it turns out, plenty of Afghans sympathize with. That’s why the Taliban today controls ~30% of the country.

The people on the ground like them better than the Government we installed. It’s not odd if you have any conception of the ethnic divides, and know that the Kabul government is simply corrupt and self-serving.

Hearts & Minds”, that’s what the war came down to. So people would side with us against all comers, and help us to get who we came for.


Afghanistan is not a country in modern sense of the word. It is a place marked on the map with an ineffectual central government and group of warring tribes out in the countryside. In that sense, it is quite medieval. When you read the history of England in the Middle Ages, you will see quite the same pattern.

This situation proves a platform for radicals like Bin Laden to plan and hatch their attacks. That’s why we have been there for the last 18 years. Like Trump, I wish that we could get the hell out. The question is, if we do, can we control the radical Muslims so that we won’t get attacked again?

There is no permanent solution to this. The radical Muslims don’t care if they live like pigs in caves. Their life centers around killing and subduing anyone who does not agree with them. A day or so ago the Taliban said they would be willing to fight for 100 years. I’d say it’s more like 1,000 years. Civilization means nothing to them except where it can provide them for more sophisticated weapons. I wish I had an answer, but I don’t.


I have forgotten nothing, you on the other hand have never known anything beyond hearsay; the fact that you have NO clue what the strategy was in the war on terror proves that your only source of information is the extreme left.


Yeah, yeah you did. Or you just didn’t know in the first place.

I’ll buy that.

You don’t even know what the strategy was called RET.

You don’t know who developed the tactics, you don’t know who they were inspired by.
You don’t know the results.

You’re know-nothing civilian, whose had no contact with this world. I grew up in it.