Coward of Broward' sheriff's deputy arrested for inaction during Parkland mass shooting


And that’s probably why he’s facing criminal charges (the perjury charge not withstanding).


The charges are child neglect (not applicable the way I understand the law) and culpable negligence (I could see a case being made for that, maybe, depending on the law and the facts in evidence).

I think Clammy is right that it’s being made a big deal of because we want/expect police officers to hold themselves/be held to a higher standard.

Based on my limited understanding of the facts, I think the charge of culpable negligence is fair, but I won’t go so far as to say conviction would be. Hopefully the jury returns the verdict he deserves. We’ll never really know, will we? We live in a ‘high trust’ society, where despite innumerable problems, the system mostly gets it right in cases like this. Enjoy that while it lasts…