Cowboys stadium doesn't lose electricity while hospitals go without power


Why Was Cowboys Stadium Exempt From Blackouts? « CBS Dallas / Fort Worth

Why is the Superbowl stadium more important than hospitals when it comes to blackouts?


I think you read the article wrong:

As brief power outages rolled across the state on Wednesday, certain places were intended to be exempt from a temporary loss of electricity. That included hospitals, nursing homes, fire stations, police stations, other emergency response facilities… and Cowboys Stadium?

And yes, I can definately see the priority of keeping the Stadium in power over individual homes as the Super Bowl generates an INCREDIBLE amount of revenue to the city.
Not only that, but keeping power to the Cowboy Stadium, which is not in Dallis, btw, it’s in Arlington, a DRY county, will only ensure the people of Arlington, just outside of Dallas, that they’ll get power first.
Don’t see the prob.


Thanks for the correction.


There was a bunch of this on the news. There wasn’t really a problem. no one was cold or had to leave there houses because of it.