CPAC 2019 - Fight On



The fascist comparison doesn’t entirely work, because the left doesn’t include Nativist identity politics.

It’s instead identity politics on the other side (multiculturalism); and it’s really a wanton search for the cheapest possible constituent.

Identity after all is cheaper than the demands of organized labor of half a century ago. Celebrate that you’re Chicano or Laotian on a national scale = vote? Sure, we’ll do that.


Well it’s true that the left of today is different than Naziism of the 30’s, but there’s a case to be made that it’s similar.

Yes, the left is thoroughly wrapped up in identity politics. They’re not exterminating anyone, but when they look at a crowd, they don’t see people, they see statistics on which races are included. A person isn’t just a person in the left’s eyes, they’re a member of a racial group first and foremost. Race is the main thing they talk about.

They’ve morphed President Trump’s crusade to build the border wall into a racial thing, because that’s all they can think about. They’re more concerned about race than about protecting Americans from drugs and human traffickers coming across the border.

And of course the biggest similarity is that just like the Nazis of old, the left wants the government to control and enforce everything.


There’s nothing “multiculturalist” about what the Democrats are doing. They are trying at every opportunity to DIVIDE us by race, religion, sexual proclivities, ethnicity, citizenship status, political philosophy and sex. If they were true “multiculturalists” they’d be trying to UNITE us as Americans, not separate us by “culture.”


Because we still have our weapons!