CPAC is pro Victor Orban

now wait for everyone on this for to deny or downplay the connection with the GOP and autocratic leaders.

You’ll be in for a long wait. I received no reply when I hinted about it here.

Thats because the entire story is fake news and a lie. The Left and fake news try to portray Orban as a bad man because he wants to keep his culture intact. He does not want foreigners coming in and he does not want diversity. He is a very smart man.

He wants his country and his culture for his people.
That makes him a normal patriot.
To the sick disgusting people on the Left, in the Democra party, and in fake news, that makes him an extremist. They are liars.

Both of you don’t have the slightest clue what you are talking about. No conservative is responding to this absurd thread because it is fake news and lies stacked upo more fake news and lies.

I stand corrected. According to Knight_Templar Viktor is a really nice guy, just misunderstood. Okey dokey then. It’s surprising you support someone who is so openly pro Putin. I’m shocked, absolutely shocked.

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I never said he was a “nice guy” so you are lying.

I never used that word so you are lying.

He is not pro Putin, just like Tucker Carlson and Trump are not pro Putin. That is more fake news lies. You have great difficulty with facts and truth.

Now, worry about your fascist Australian island, not about American political committess, which are none of your business.

Babe, you hurt me with your meaness. You seem fine using Australian politicians for your “American political committess(sic)”, however:

Apologies, that was the best photo I could get of CPAC 2019.

Lou Dobbs on Orban’s Landslide Victory and Unbridled Immigration

Hey, if we’re just going to copy and paste articles, here’s a few:

Besides, Kight_Templar, why are you commenting on things happening in Hungary? You’re an American, you don’t have the right apparently [/sarcasm].

this is why if there is no longer democracy the democrats here at least some of them are, are now operating with that in mind and won’t be caught off guard. I wasn’t trying to draw the knight out notice how all the others go silent when a trumptrain clone shows up. It’s like they stand behind his endless posting. Like non stop posting? Like it’s automated like previous instances. If you wanted an effective ban you’d ad a iblocklist blacklist for proxies and VPNs.

Gimme a break. When someone comes here and posts nine tons of crap in a single day, no one in their right mind (at least if they’ve been around long enough to see the futility of it) is going to waste their time trying to answer the lion’s share of the crap that he posts, especially when it’s obvious that he doesn’t give a crap about listening.

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