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Can I get a statement on from any individuals on their feelings about Victor Orban, CPAC and Tucker Carlson working here to make a Hungary situation in the United States? Does anyone prefer Autocracy over Democracy if it just gets them what they want?

Yes all democrats

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I prefer a direct democracy like they have in Switzerland. Where national popular ballots exist.

We have to settle for big tech regulating our thoughts.

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It’s not practical for every citizen to vote on every single issue. You can’t get most people to even give a crap about most issues, and I find it amusing the links that the left goes to to get many such people to even vote.

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Were really passionate about democracy… its kinda in the name Democratic Party.

Not seeing that in action.

Well we have won the popular vote every time since 1992 except 2004. So that’s pretty democratic but not republican as we have electoral votes. There are more of us than you but you guys hide behind the electoral college and thus our states nullify your rules with prejudice.

New York State and California provide the vote counts for your popular vote leads. It’s a waste of money for a Republican presidential candidate to put much effort there, because there is no way they can win. Should those two states elect the president? Do the other 48 states matter?

Of course the way things are going in New York with their mass exodus, the New York electoral vote count is going to be down with Pennsylvania. It’s interesting to note how much the influence of New York has fallen over the last 40 years. If Wall Street should ever move out, New York would become a financial basket case. That’s what liberalism and nepotism will do to you.

you used to out number us in the 70s and 80s ie silent majority. You can attempt to change the law but very few will follow it if they are not in the majority.

Nice dodge. I was talking about voting on issues, which cannot be realistically done for every one. But the Dems are angling to take more power upon themselves. Doesn’t sound too democratic…

Okay in Michigan where republicans have gerrymandered themselves into the state senate and state house we passed a law for independent redistricting. So they will lose their senate and house majorities in time. We passed 8 major democratic wins by popular vote and shut down 2 GOP wins by popular votes. So this is why many red states do not have popular ballot. We out number YOU, on the issues, People don’t hate our ideas they hate our leaders. Nancy Pelosi and Biden croaking tomorrow would be a windfall for Liberals & Progressives. They represent an entrenched system.

Right. Even on the left, late-term abortion is largely unpopular, yet the Dems are pushing it like a car off the cliff. Gerrymandering? All over the place, both parties. NY’s gerrymandered districts (by Dems) just got tossed out by the NY Supreme Court because it was so obviously illegal.

Yeah, some of your ideas have found popularity. One in particular: Socialism. Which inevitably ultimately results in loss of democracy, because you have people in power deciding how to distribute the wealth, and putting the squeeze on any who don’t get in line with their agenda. Soviet Union and China.

Can you research “Social Democracy” and “Economy of Sweden history of” and get back to me on how you are using that word? You fail to understand Social Democracy Vs Socialism. Social Democracy is Capitalism with a larger buffer state.

I believe that was called National Socialism.

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No national socialism has no welfare state and is nativist with discriminatory racial hygiene laws and not global. Research please I honestly feel bad for how little you know at this point. Real talk FC, Alaska can debate me about social-democracy and point out its flaws you don’t even know what it is. So that’s kinda awkward. A few minutes of research ya know.

Okay, I get it. It’s a giant welfare state with Mussolini at the head of it.

Don’t feel badly. Many intellectuals thought that the Italian fascists had it all together in the 1920s. Many well educated people have come to the conclusion that authoritarian governments are the answer to all of the problems of the human condition. This is what the little professors teach in college.

I was broad-brushing, but it still boils down to government control. Which sucks.