Crab Volleyball

…is silly and fun!

I’m thinking your affinity for marine life may give you an edge.

As I said in one of my score entries, I’d really kick butt if I had a Clam instead of a crab.

Unfortunately, there’s a glitch where the computer crab gets the ball bouncing upward at the right side of the flash screen, and there’s no way to jog it out when that happens.

I HATE THIS GAME. >.< I ended my best go with a whopping -1 point.

I always read your score comments, Clammy, just for kicks. ^^


My only problem with it is that there are a couple of closed loop glitches. One I’ve only seen once (yesterday), but the one I see most of the time I play is where the computer player crab ends up at the extreme right of the screen with the ball bouncing straight up and down off his carapace indefinitely.