Cracks emerge in China's image as Obama snubbed at G20 summit


Cracks emerge in China’s image as Obama snubbed at G20 summit - The Globe and Mail

I’m going to just say this as I see it: maybe more Americans should show their patriotism from time to time. This includes businesses who have often chosen profit over loyalty to democracy. Whether you agree with him or not you have one president, there should be more outrage over the bs treatment these commies are showing everytime they get a chance to.

Yes, alot of problems are going on at the moment, but at least America isn’t tossing people into prison for random acts of defiance, or putting a bullet in a family member and sending Communist leaders to the door of their parents and asking what they thought of the decision. If you don’t tell them how you shared the communists decision you would be next.

A communist politician gave an ear full to a Canadian reporter who dared ask them about their human right abuses while they were on Canadian soil! Luckily for him I wasn’t that reporter, he wouldn’t have received a sheepish ducking but would have received a list of litany for the entire world to read about.

Time for the West to do a few things: one, start a campaign of calling out the enemies as Reagan did when he referred to some as the Axis of Evil. Let the disdain and hatred for these nations who abuse their citizens become a healthy response. Normalize it. Two, call out businesses who are turning their backs on Western values for some cheap profit and demanding the rest of the world start giving a damn about these abusers rather than placating them every chance we get.

Why the hell has the West become so afraid to call out dirtbag nations and the leaders who abuse their citizens? They show this disrespect now because Obama is near the end of his term, funny how things change for some leaders who sat on their hands when he began his term. Its a disgrace. These are the true colours of a nation that has been cracking down hard on Christians and other religious minorities.

That’s my rant for the night, the recent activities of some nations has really gotten under my skin.


I’m not following what you mean by this. What is it you want people to do, exactly?

> Time for the West to do a few things: one, start a campaign of calling out the enemies as Reagan did when he referred to some as the Axis of Evil. Let the disdain and hatred for these nations who abuse their citizens become a healthy response. Normalize it. Two, call out businesses who are turning their backs on Western values for some cheap profit and demanding the rest of the world start giving a damn about these abusers rather than placating them every chance we get.

Are you aware of the free nation effect? That unfree nations become more free as they trade with freer nations?

Currently, people in China are better able to fight for, and maintain their rights, due to the economic growth they’ve experienced.

The Nail houses, the high polling concerning liberty outdone only by Americans, the 200,000 demonstrations they have each year, are all due to their exposure to western culture stemming from trade.

It’s an impulse that the Communist regime can’t fully control, not even with their “anti-corruption campaign” the regime was pressured into by its own people.

Further, as we saw with the Panama Papers, many in the regime are expecting that they won’t keep control at all for much longer. A reckoning of some sort is coming there.

By comparison, a reckoning is not coming in Cuba, a nation who has committed similar atrocities, and who we censured for over 50 years. Nothing there has changed in all that time. Things have changed greatly in China over that same period.


Since obama respects no one why should the Chinese respect him?


[QUOTE=Alaska Slim;770732]I’m not following what you mean by this. What is it you want people to do, exactly?

For one, this story should be top of the news at every outlet. No more “hush, hush, let’s not rock the boat of our great cheap labour source”.


For one, this story should be top of the news at every outlet. [/QUOTE]

Uh, no, not this story. This story, which was shouted out by Brexit, is of far more concern, and even there, ending trade with China would do nothing to stop it.
Shame and threats however are doing something about it, as China hates looking like a fool.

> hush, hush, let’s not rock the boat of our great cheap labour source

Ironic considering China is experiencing illegal immigration from Thailand due to a labor shortage, and half of companies who operate there are thinking of going to Vietnam or, Thailand itself, because labor prices have risen by more than 600% in China over the last two decades.


Yes labour costs have increased, but the abundance ensures low cost. I have made a conscience effort to look at labels now more than ever. I will more closely monitor who I buy my products from.

I have no grudge with the worker wanting to do his thing, I have a problem with tightly controlled economies and leadership hierarchies of some nations that persecute the very same worker. Competition is competition, but just as I won’t sponsor terror I wish to not sponsor Communists governments whenever possible.


Again, you have to question that in light of the business exodus to other countries.

US firms moving out of China | Business | DW.COM | 20.01.2016
China’s Self-Defeating Clampdown on Foreign Companies
> I have no grudge with the worker wanting to do his thing, I have a problem with tightly controlled economies and leadership hierarchies

That’s tough; oligarchical regimes are common throughout the world. Injustice is closer to being the norm, than an outlier.

The more pressing question is how you get countries like this to change, to press them overtime into acknowledging the rights of people that they ignore or to empower the people there to demand it themselves. And truth of the matter is, you can only have an input in that struggle (outsider), if you have a stake in them. A stake even the regime can’t ignore.

Do not just obsess over your own purity of action, actually ask the question as to what means get the outcome you want. If what we want is a freer, more Democratic China, trade is clearly putting us on that track. Along with the Chinese angering its own populace when it ineptly chases out the very foreign corporations responsible for its prosperity.


Respect and contempt are similar in that both are earned.

Obama has spent 7 years convincing Americans that he hates the United States, white people and Individual Self Determination. Obama has likewise spent 7 years convincing the world that he is an incompetent, petulant child who cannot be trusted or relied upon.

Anyone who would expect anything other than contempt to be shown to Obama at this point is pretty naive, the world simply does not work that way; what other lazy wannabe dictator is treated better?


I’ve been commenting for over a year that Obama’s last year in office - especially his final 6 months - will be a complete, and to some extent, an irrevocable debacle.

Putin knows he can pretty much do whatever he wants in the ME and elsewhere with no repercussions. The US and Europe have basically dissolved sanctions on Russia, in spite of Putin’s actions in the Crimea/Ukraine and Syria. In fact, Obama has largely ceded leadership to Russia in the ME. Decades old relationships formed between the US and multi-regional allies have been significantly abandoned by Obama. Putin and, to a lesser extent, China, have been busy stepping into the void in leadership. Likewise, China is taking over the South China Sea, making allies nervous - and for good reason.

All of this against a backdrop of the US military shrinking dramatically, both in personnel and hardware. Our planes are running short of spare parts - our readiness has sharply declined. This has not been lost on Russia or China. Under Obama, our response to every provocation is “stern condemnation” - like our enemies give a sh*t!! North Korea doesn’t give a damn about Obama’s condemnation for nuke and ICBM development either.

Putin and China know they are up against a punk. They have known it for the better part of 8 years.

Some on this site are mistaken in their view that this international “slippage” is quickly fixable. It will take a solid US leader a long time to recoup the trust and international prestige pissed away by the Obama administration. Same with bringing back our military readiness.

Finally, Trump is getting slammed for being an “isolationist”. However, in fact, the individual who has backed away from every tough international situation and who has demonstrated his unwillingness to engage beyond worthless rhetoric, is Barack Obama - Obama is the real isolationist. IMHO, Obama has essentially disengaged on a meaningful level, except when it comes to climate change - when it comes to climate change and tying the hands of US manufacturing, he’s all in.

Under the circumstances, who can blame Putin and the leaders in China for taking advantage of the most dangerous POTUS - dangerous to US interests - we’ve ever endured. And it isn’t over yet. RET is correct - Obama has EARNED the contempt and lack of respect from China and Russia, and many other countries.

Gird your loins, folks - the last 4.5 months is going to be a VERY rough ride.

BTW - the failure/refusal of the Chinese to follow protocol regarding the providing an airport deplaning stairway for Obama at the G20 summit was obviously a show of contempt. It was purposeful and designed to show the world that the United States is a paper tiger - feckless and not to be taken seriously.


Great post MDMikeB!!

In 2009 Obama entered office as a man-child who perhaps would have the capacity to learn the job.

In 2017 he will leave office as a man-child with gray hair.

Unlike the great, the good and even the average presidents, he has learned nothing during his time in office.


I’m going to say this: Barry with many names, is not American. Probably, from what we know now, not even legally. Certainly not of his ideology. ABSOLUTELY not in his loyalties.

Depending on what your belief about Barry is, he’s either an alien invader or a traitor. He is NOT an American as we recognize Americanism.

Patriotism would involve jailing, court-martialing for Treason, and hanging the misbegotten son of a b!tch.


I’m glad I’m not the only one who has seen through “Barry Obama.” We have had bad presidents, including James Buchanan, Franklin Pierce, poor old Warren Harding, who knew he was in the wrong place, and Lyndon Johnson. Yes, Lyndon Johnson who revved up the welfare state to a fever pitch and got us involved in Viet Nam up to our eyeballs.

Looking over that list, one can certainly say that they all made mistakes, but you can’t say that they enacted wrongheaded policies because they wanted to damage The United States. One can’t say that about “Barry Obama.” He has done as much as he could to damage this country when he has had the chance. That’s why I think that the term “traitor” applies to him.


What they said!!!


With all due respect some of you guys have gone coo-coo.

We can all disagree with someone, but basic International courtesy isn’t optional. Maybe the next time China goes on one of their cyber excursions they will receive a response in kind.


Obama has thrust this lack of respect upon the world stage upon himself. World leaders know that you have take care of YOUR NATION’S best interests. They EXPECT THAT of their colleagues.

Obama has failed to do that. His nuclear deal with Iran is not an anyone’s best interest, not even Iran, because the Iranian leaders don’t seem realize what nuclear war might become. The results have the potential to be more horrific than the worst ending to a doomsday horror film.

Obama makes threats, like his promise to take swift action if Syria used chemical weapons, and then failed to follow up on them after Syria did just that. I know of a couple of strong previous Obama supporters who lost faith in him after that.

The world leaders are no different. Obama treats our friends, like Israel, like garbage while he bows to the king of Saudi Arabia and gives Iran, who yells “Death to America,” every break. The man is either a traitor, or he is profoundly naive and stupid.


The Chinese, like the Arabs, like other practical world leaders, respect strength. As bin Laden spoke of the strong horse and the weak horse. America is now so infantilized, so gelded, it parades its weakness about - and expects to be honored in so doing.

NO ONE does that. No healthy society is going to respect another society full of weak, sick, passive, stupid people with a weak, passive, queer, stupid President.

The Chinese are sending us, and the world, a message. They will not grovel to this man or the country he purportedly represents. They will no longer even fake respect.


The thing I find most troubling about the Obama presidency - aside from his miserable record/performance - is that the voters knew Obama to be weak and a self-absorbed narcissist, yet reelected him anyway.

Likewise, voters know Hillary Clinton is without accomplishment, uniquely incompetent, completely dishonest and an unindicted criminal, yet they seem willing to elect her president.

At some point Americans need to look in the mirror and ask themselves just what kind of a people have we become?

There comes a point when responsibility for getting snake bit must fall to those people electing snakes.


My views: As a country we need to stay the hell out of other countries business. For some strange reason we expect other countries to do what in our mind is right. Why? They have different rules, needs, wants & goals. Basically we should figure out if we want to trade with them or not & that’s about it. Instead we “make deals” to get our way & have been doing that almost forever. And “our way” is generally the worst thing that can happen.
Our country needs to understand that the enemy of our enemy is NOT our friend. We go overboard helping people that’s only good point is that they hate someone else more than they hate us (at that moment). What seems to always happen is we end up fighting people who we gave weapons to & Americans are getting killed with our own weapons. Stupid!
We need to stop pretending that we are buying friends. I could go up & down my block & give everyone $500 & they would pretend to be my friend but stop paying & I’m just that nutter that gives out free money. You can only rent friends with money & somehow our government doesn’t understand that. Take a look at all of the money that we give in aid to other countries. Heck all we are doing is creating a overseas welfare program. Those people don’t have to solve their problems or even address them because we bail them out. Exactly the same result we have here with our WF program.
Nobody elected the U.S. the God among countries & we need to stop acting like we are.


The polls show that Hillary is doing poorly among White males, but she is more than making up for it with women voters. I know that some of these women are voting for her because of her gender. I’ve seen that on some of the bumper stickers here in Florida. One would hope that these women would more interested in doing something positive for the country instead of voting their gender, but that does not seem to be the case.

As for a Obama, his race and his speaking ability went a long way toward getting him elected. There was always that undercurrent that the Democrats pushed that anyone who opposed Obama or his policies was “a racist.”

One thing that really irritated me was that a lot of voters backed away from Romney because he is a Mormon. If he had been a Baptist or a Methodist perhaps more conservative voters would have come to polls, and he would have won.


I disagree wholeheartedly. This is one of the reason Americas influence is waning, America has decided to not take a stance on so many issues when they would have in the past. Reagan and Thatcher made a formidable and powerful team because they stood for something. They were passionately and unapologetic about their dislike of Communism and abusers of human rights, they demanded freedom and individual rights. They agreed to not sugar coat these nations nor do business with them or their communist allies. They may have been some grey area but it was minimal. The rest of the world fell in line behind America. Why? America was principled and honourable, the enemy wasn’t.

Once you go down the road which has been travelled over the last few decades it is difficult to recover. The entire world needs America to be that strong, principled leader again, and they are needed more than ever. This isn’t just for Americas sake, this is for all of humanities sake. When some suggest that other countries don’t want America in their business, they are really referring to other nations tyrants and leaders. Citizens DO want American style democracy you can be sure of it. They don’t want their own governments persecuting them or stabbing America in the back. They also appreciate consequences to these governments when they do violate laws.

There was an oddly important time in my childhood that started my interest with America; the 1984 Olympics in LA. The U.S had boycotted in Moscow 1980, and Russia and their allies did the same in 1984. I watched as America cleaned up, gold after gold. I was up at my grandparents cottage that summer and recall watching the olympics most of the time. When I mentioned to my Aunt how much America had been cleaning up she stated “America is going to run away with these olympics and Americans know it”. I was perplexed by the way she stated this, she sounded too negative with this fact. I noticed America won and they cheered proudly when they did and so they should. I didn’t see them become sore losers during those times when they lost, including if I recall correctly hugs shared with Canadians Victor Davis and Alex Bauman in swimming when they took gold. The reason for this was the spirit of America at that time. Play hard, play to win, but if you lose fair and square be a good sport, especially to your close allies. It was how America was destroying Communism, through example. Without reservation. Without a doubt Canada was on the “Good Guys” side in this fight, so the comeraderie was ever present. Someone once told me there was also an annual “America/Canada friendship” event that happened in Canada at that time. Americans would come over and I believe vice versa to basically party and share in celebration our relationship.

The bottom line: America should lead the world through principle and not apologize for this. America has and had true friends, they didn’t need to be bought as you suggested. Judeo-Christian values and the powerful drive for achievement of God ordained freedoms for citizens will trump any financial gain any day of the week.