Crashed Tesla explodes into a massive fireball


After crashing into a tree, a Tesla Model S violently burst into flames causing cells from its lithium-ion battery to explode.

The video above shows parts of the batteries, which can burn for up to 24 hours, bursting into flames after the crash and shooting into the air like fireworks. The single-vehicle crash, which killed the driver and a passenger, occurred Thursday morning in Indianapolis, *WTHR *reported.

Crashed Tesla explodes into a massive fireball

Another reason to think twice about getting a car that will explode upon impact.


I like the fact that in the upper left corner of the video it said “The auto pilot likely off during the crash”. The video said that they are checking to see if the auto pilot was on or off. People think that we need auto pilots so you don’t want to blame them right off. As for the car, nope must be a made up story because electric cars are good for everything (according to some) & that one looked like it might be polluting.


I am developing a Hybrid car, it has a Hydrogen engine and electric with LiI-Ion batteries. I have scheduled it market debut on the 4th of July, all here are invited. I promise you will get a BANG out of the event.

The name for my new car is: The Electric Hindenburg! Currently it only is available in one color, FireBall Red…