Criminals who go to prison make an extra $11,000 illegally once released


If prison reformed criminals, illegal earnings once people were released ought to have gone down. But if prison was a “finishing school” for criminals, illegal earnings after serving time should have increased.

“Spending time in prison leads to increased criminal earnings,” Hutcherson says. “On average, a person can make roughly $11,000 more [illegally] from spending time in prison versus a person who does not spend time in prison.”

When Crime Pays: Prison Can Teach Some To Be Better Criminals : NPR

Personally, I think prison should be reformed so that criminals have very little free time. They should be working to better society, not just sitting around learning from other prisoners how to be better criminals upon release. The current prison system is hardly rehabilitation, and is definitely a waste of human resources.



Another agree-with-Trekky moment… :awkward:

Another advantage of little free time is not having the time (or energy; or at least a lot less of it) to abuse each other. And I would eliminate every weight room from every prison. You don’t need bodybuilding for healthy exercise.


I think gyms, including weightlifting is important for exercise. And they can take their frustration out on the weights, not each other.


Unfortunately, they also use the additional strength for criminal purposes. Other criminals train their minds and taxpayer-paid gym equipment trains their bodies… for future crime.


Agree. Either they work, gain skills, and increase their ability to re-integrate into society, or they spend their time in solitary confinement for 23 hours a day, effectively denying them interaction with other prisoners.

I believe that they should be given that choice, but those should be the only two options available to them.


Including in the prison. You can exercise them (any exercise reduces stress to one degree or another) and tire them out without making them strong enough to bust heads.


I’m not so sure. First of all they aren’t going to become Hulk Hogan because they lack legitimate and illegitimate substances.

And strength doesn’t necessarily have to do a lot with crime IMO. Unless you happen to be taking on someone as big or bigger as you, but criminals don’t, they prey on the weak.

I may be biased because I love lifting weights though.


Dude, if I went to prison and didn’t get messed with then I would be jacked by the time I got out. All I would do is run, push-ups, pull ups, lift weights and read. Bam I’d be jacked