Critics question Garland's school board crackdown

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It’s funny how “progressive” Democrats, who hate entrepreneurs and business, are not above making money and using their government influence to do it. Garland is not much different than the Biden and Clinton crime families.

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Just think: The guy was being pushed for a position on the SC!

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This is another of those leftist ploys that wouldn’t survive a constitutional challenge; but they’re throwing as many as they can at us, because we can’t afford to fight them all. According to one source I heard on the radio, it takes about $2.5 million to take a case all the way to the Supreme Court.

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Grateful to McConell for this but it doesn’t give him a lifetime pass. He needs to go, probably to jail but I’d be satisfied if he retired to Kentucky.

Yes, the Republicans folded, as usual. Yet, they have the brass to call me up asking for political contributions. Why should I give them anything, but my vote? They take my money to help elect RINOs who are more interested in staying in office and pleasing the Democrats than listening to the people who sent them to Washington.

I don’t think that the $3.5 trillion boondoggle will pass, but something in the neighborhood of $1.5 to $2.0 will pass, which will be the same thing. Once these programs are on the books, they will never go away.

Joe Mansion has already said that he will vote for $1.5 trillion. Why, I don’t know. It’s not needed. Certainly nothing of that size is needed, but you can’t tell that to the bozos in Washington who only care about themselves.

The tax increases will pass too. This runs counter to fixing the economy, but the Democrats don’t want good economic times. They want sluggish growth at best. That way they can keep more people on welfare and dependent on government.

That’s what we’ve been seeing from the Ds; they demand the moon, then “magnanimously” offer to compromise for half the moon.

Did you see Schumer rake the Republicans over the coals after McConnell gave him the votes he needed for the debt ceiling extension? Joe Mansion was sitting in back him and had his head in his hands and finally walked out.

What is wrong with Schumer? Has he been drinking Democrat hate poison for so long that he can’t even accept a compromise that worked to his benefit? McConnell took a lot heat from his party, and Schumer dumped on him. Maybe Schumer wants to be a member of The Squad.

Hey Chucky, it’s too late. You’re too old to join, and you don’t have the right ethnic background. You’re an “evil White male,” and you have had “White privilege” since birth. You will never be able to be any more than a member “The Squad Auxiliary” not matter how much partisan hate speech you utter.

In the mean what would you do if you were Joe Mansion. If I were he, I’d change parties and let the Fascist Democrats to go pound salt. So much for their 51 to 50 Senate majority. It would be 51 to 49, and almost all of their ridiculous spending plans would be dead.

But interestingly not a single Republican voted to raise the debt ceiling. As I understand it, Ted Cruz threatened a filibuster and so McConnell was forced to get votes to overcome the filibuster. The vote McConnell and Republicans supported was a vote to allow a simple majority vote on the debt ceiling. They still voted party lines in the real vote.

This speaks to McConnell and friends hypocrisy. They actually did want the debt ceiling raised, they just didn’t want to have to vote for it. For some reason Cruz decided to expose them.

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Yes, Gene, they want to go back home and lie to the voters.

PS Your party does this too. Maybe you want to join MAGA and drain the swamp? :rofl:

Of all the Democrats who here, I have more respect for @Gene than any of the others. He actually thinks about issues instead parroting the party line.

@Gene, everyone knows that the debt ceiling must raised. Otherwise the U.S. will default one its financial obligations. The trouble is the Democrats are calling for massive increases in spending.

The Federal Government spends so much money they can’t control it. The corruption is breathtaking. The latest is that the art gallery that is selling Hunter Biden’s art got $350,000 in Covid related government aid. They only had two employees. Now it’s growing because of its connection with the Biden crime family.

I know the “Progressives” don’t care about this, but concerned Americans do.