Crossing the Line: How Donald Trump Behaved With Women in Private


When George W. wrote his book, and he went on and on like a (Description deleted by “FC”, the neo-con political correctness policeman who will not allow conversation by true conservatives) about how he gets “a sickening feeling every time” he thinks about the failure to find WMD in Iraq, Bush essentially started the whinny neo-con girls against Trump movement. Not surprising that the NYT, which is owned and operated by neo-con Bush supporters, would come out with a new edition of the whinny neo-con girls against Trump story:

Guess what! There are other whinny neo-con girls who don’t like Trump, BESIDES George W! Oh, the horror!


Isn’t the GOP supposed to be the party of morals, and we liberals are sleazy godless troglodites?

The GOP nominee has:
-stated that nothing matters as long as you have a nice piece of ass on your arm
-is a serial divorcee and womanizer
-makes fun of disabled reporters
-is so vulgar you can’t bring children to his events
-bragged about his d*** size in a presidential debate
-personally attacked Carly Fiorina based on her looks, implied Meghan Kelly was menstruating, and went after Cruz’s wife
-stated that women who have abortions should be punished
-made fun of a POW who was horribly tortured in Vietnam

And those are just off the top of my head. I mean Romney had his faults, but he wasn’t a creep. What the hell happened to the GOP? How are any of you guys supporting this person?


Do not confuse the Trump cultists with Conservatives. Trump, measured objectively, is a LIBERAL - and has so identified all his adult life. All three of the Bushes are more conservative than Trump.

Nor is Trump embraced by the Republican establishment…OBVIOUSLY. They fear and loathe him; and now only want to cut deals with him to maybe preserve their sinecures.

Trump is a liberal. His base is, first the cultists - he understands mob psychology. As have hundreds of demagogues before him, through history.

The other part of his support are those who are FURIOUS with the Republican establishment. I share their anger but Trump is not the answer - any more than the answer to a marital problem would be killing your spouse.

Or burning down the house you both own.

Trump is gonna be bad news; and leave a bad aftertaste, long after this cult comes apart. This wiseacre’s comment is just a harbinger.


First, George Bush NEVER whined about not finding WMD’s; (I see we have another baiter here). Second. Trump does have his flaws but compared to the GOP and what they have been not standing for, what is left to face the archangel of Clintonism. The Main street people of America HAVE SPOKEN! so what is your problem? I don’t like Trump BUT the man is the man of this time and I damn well don’t want to see Clinton, Sanders or any other democrat Socialist finishing off this once great nation.
The Republican party has left it’s civic responsibility at the table of cronyism and greed. The whole party needs to be fumigated.
You find another person who has the charisma and can do attitude, who is not owned or is not an attorney but who espouses smaller government, lower taxes and a revamping of the whole tax code, who knows and understands the Constitution. I could list a myriad of other things, but That person who fits this, is not coming forth. At this stage of the game Go Trump.


I disagree - emphatically - to the assertion that Trump knows, or cares a whit, about the Constitution.

We’ll probably not agree and won’t make progress one way or another on this one - but I see Trump as at once clueless, Leftist and dangerous in his innate understanding of mob psychology.

Couple that to his lifelong-cultivation of megalomania, and you have a person who’s really, really dangerous with political power.



Sorry JPT but at this juncture trying to find a suitable replacement for Trump would be, at best, foolhardy, at worst, a clear path for any democrat challenger, because the division between Trump supporters and the RNC would be too vast to ever see a true Republican consensus again. Main Street has spoken.
There is a major fracture in this nation on so many fronts, from racial to Morality, to governmental structure, that I doubt anybody including Jesus Christ Himself, could ever heal.
Obama kept his promise. He fundamentally changed this great nation into a massive wasteland of divisions and bitterness. A nation that once was respected by the world and is now reviled and ridiculed by the world. A nation of wondrous freedoms into a nation of slavery to a corrupt government. A nation based on the Christian Judeo ethos into a nation with no moral or spiritual base.
Main Street is angry and one only hopes that Trump has the wisdom to know the right people to pick and the right actions to take in order to at least turn the nation around. THAT will be a tall order for sure.
Trump may not be the answer but he is the one presented.


And he is still no answer. He and Madame are Ying and Yang.

This is what the trumpies should have thought about when they ran roughshod over the nomination process - and did what they could to shout others down, as Kase-Itch was playing the role of spoiler. Yes, that got him the nomination - the squishy ciphers who will take anything BUT true conservatism, got what they wanted. Again.

Savor it. Now these same squish, stand-for-nothing, pom-pom dance-team players want to tell us to put on the Party Hats and join the conga line.

…WHY? Trump stands for little; and what we know he stands for is as alien to me as anything on the other side. So far, he’s shown he’s all for SLANDER; and PROFANITY from the podium; and boorishness. That he HAS no principles; and doesn’t like to talk issues - and my guess is that is because he doesn’t UNDERSTAND them.

This is a game to him. This is one more popularity contest.

The pom-pom shakers got theirs. I have no choice available in this one.

And Lord Trumpy will go the way of McStain and Rummney and all the other no-value, baseless, squishy, mush-moderates.

We were offered the closest thing we will ever see to a second Ronald Reagan - and many Republicans stood by or joined in as the loud liar slandered him, deliberately, repeatedly, with made-up false facts.


Is there a wall built on our northern border with Canada? It would have to be a short wall, because I don’t think I’m able to get over a very high one. LOL


If not Trump, who would you vote for? Hillary? Gary Johnson? A write-in? Just going to pass on the President and vote the rest of the ballot?


I won’t vote for that old spent cow.

The others, I’m considering. Gary Johnson may have a shot, this time…a real, actual opportunity to provide an alternative to the various Leftist flavor mix provided by BOTH parties on this ballot.

It’s his ball. He can run with it; can use this real opportunity; prove his fitness as a Chief Executive; or he can do what the Libertarian dweebs always do; be a proud, pathetic loser.

We’ll see. But I’m not voting for the Hag and I’m not voting for the loudmouth. Unless somehow I’m persuaded otherwise; and I cannot imagine what would do it.