Cruz fires top campaign spokesman over Rubio Bible video


Cruz fires top campaign spokesman over Rubio Bible video | Fox News

Maybe Cruz is reading this forum and heard my words of concern. If you talk tough about being the sheriff and cleaning up the town you had better walk the walk.

RET423 and I have had a discussion and healthy debate about the decision to fire someone over poor judgement. Under normal circumstances of honest mistakes these issues can be overlooked at work. In a national election that impacts the world and one’s reputation is risked (Cruz), you need to take a firm stance in particular when you communicate a tough on bad decisions philosophy. For a man like Cruz who is campaigning as the “Christian choice” while operating in an un-Christian manner, it is evident he needed to take a stance.


Agree with all of those points.
Also…Cruz cannot afford to burn a bridge with Rubio in such a way. Both are strong men of faith - which unlike Trump, is actually a very real a deep faith on both sides. To essentially accuse Rubio of slandering the Bible would be unbelievable (as the man has almost preached on the campaign trail and staunchly defended the basic right to life of the unborn) and it would be an awful wound. I predict we will see the Cruz and Rubio camps tag team on Trump. Not heavily at first, but it will begin by both campaigns easing up on each other. We might see a repeat of Reagan and Bush in Cruz and Rubio. The combination of both campaigns and voters would be unstoppable. I do realize that the mudslinging between Rubio and Cruz has been immense, but we cannot forget they were friends in the senate, and Marco filibustered with Ted. They came in on the same tea party wave. Reagan and Bush went through the whole “voo doo economics” thing and they still ran together. We have no idea what is going on behind the scenes - heck they might be attacking each other now to give Trump a false sense of security and then turn on him together unexpectedly. We have seen one candidate by himself can’t target Trump.

But I could be wrong.
Probably…most likely…
But a Cruz/Rubio ticket would be the best freaking ticket this party has had since 1980.
Just saying.