Cruz Is the Closest In Our Lifetimes We Have Ever Been to Ronald Reagan


Limbaugh: Ted Cruz Is ‘The Closest In Our Lifetimes We Have Ever Been To Ronald Reagan’ [AUDIO] [LEFT]
Rush Limbaugh says that Sen. Ted Cruz “is the closest in our lifetimes we have ever been to Ronald Reagan.”
Wednesday on “The Rush Limbaugh Show,” Limbaugh suggested, “In terms of doctrinaire, understandable, articulated, implementable conservatism, there’s nobody closer,” than Cruz to Reagan. (RELATED: Limbaugh: Ted Cruz Is ‘Inarguably Thoroughbred Conservative’ [VIDEO])
Limbaugh said, “Here, let me just say something right off the bat, and I’ve said this before. I opened the program with it yesterday,” Limbaugh said. “When I saw what Jeb and Kasich were doing in New Hampshire at the last minute in order to get votes, they were going left as fast as Deion Sanders can back-pedal. They were moving left faster than anybody I’ve ever seen go left. And I opened the program yesterday saying you will never ever have to worry about that with Ted Cruz.” (RELATED: Limbaugh: ‘You Will Never Doubt’ Ted Cruz Is Conservative [AUDIO])
“And then I expanded on it. Let me say one [thing]: if conservatism is your bag, if conservatism is the dominating factor in how you vote, there is no other choice for you in this campaign than Ted Cruz because you are exactly– this is the closest in our lifetimes we have ever been to Ronald Reagan,” Limbaugh insisted. “In terms of doctrinaire, understandable, articulated, implementable conservatism, there’s nobody closer.” (RELATED: Limbaugh: Ted Cruz Is ‘An Articulate Representative Of Conservatism’ [AUDIO])
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Wow. What an insult to Ronald Reagan. Cruz is no Reagan.


I like Rush, but he sure got this one wrong. Cruz is no Reagan.


Fully agree with Rush, and have for quite some time.


When Cruz was running for Senator here in Texas, at first I did not like him, after listening to him I became one f his biggest supporters. Cruz is by far the most conservative candidate in this race.


Cruz is certainly the most conservative of the lot. Some questions though:

Is he electable in a General Election?

Is he trustworthy not to flip-flop?

What is his position on the debt and how does he presume to decrease it?

(related to the question above) What is his position on criminal justice and the application on this?

Let me present my discourse by stating that I think Rand Paul by far had the best perspective on criminal justice of any candidate on either side. Application of his ideas on justice alone would have saved the government many billions and I believe had a positive economic and social impact.


If voters will listen to what Cruz SAYS instead of what others CLAIM he says, he’ll be a shoo-in in the general election.


Doesn’t matter if Rand was Jesus Christ reborn, he’s out of the race. What if’s are silly.


I was just making a point that Cruz hasn’t taken a stance on this, maybe he feels he doesn’t have to, but I would argue it would be absolutely necessary if he hopes to have a chance in a General Election. He doesn’t have it on his list of issues directly from his website. I think IF he shared the type of justice reform that many Americans want, he would gain a great deal.

He and Rubio have the same problems. They are strong on the military, but want to suggest that they want to decrease the debt. In fact, both use the same wording on their website “reign” in spending/government. Yet, both want to spend a great deal on the military. Where will the savings come from then?

Both are similar, but I would suggest Cruz has an appeal that is far more narrow. I was surprised that Trump had a large number of Libertarian vote, which means his marketing campaign has hit a nerve. Appears to be a fight for the establishment candidate, a second place ribbon while Trump smiles at the split voting.

Just as I see it. If Rubio faces off with Trump, he will win, if Cruz squares off one-on-one, I think Trump wins. Also, it is clear Trump has become more seasoned in this process, this can’t bode well for his competition. He at times appears “presidential”, his temperament far more controlled than when he first started this process. Beating him will not be easy, this much is certain now.

Trump acknowledged on Fox that he had assumed that Rubio would be his biggest threat, he than stated he is unsure, but stated Cruz was posing a problem. This was before NH/ His focus attacked ads on Cruz speak louder than his words. This will obviously change as the results do.


No. Constitutionally, the federal government has a VERY limited role to play in general law enforcement. Oh, Congress has passed a bunch of bills making various activities violations of “federal law,” but those are mostly efforts to justify the arming of federal agents from the EPA to the Commerce Department and serve no really useful, crime-fighting purpose otherwise. For example, the ONLY reason the BATFEO agents are armed is because their original purpose–busting up illegal liquor stills to enforce liquor tax laws–often got them shot at by moonshiners. The BATFEO is a TAX-COLLECTION agency…not a criminal law enforcement group. They were formed in order to collect federal taxes on alcohol, tobacco, firearms, explosives and oleomargarine (yes, there IS a federal tax on oleo–instituted at the insistence of the dairy lobby to make butter more price-competitive!)


Cruz is definitely the Conservative. Not only the most conservative; the only conservative.

However, I would not liken him to Ronald Reagan whose nickname was, “The Great Communicator,” as Cruz’s ability to communicate his message is…well…awful.

Which, of course, isn’t to downplay Cruz’s record; which is one of sticking steadfastly to his ideals, one of which was keeping his campaign promises.
True to his word, Cruz fought ObamaCare, he fought the Omnibus, he fought the TPP.

Only problem is that he was nearly completely ineffective.
What I’m waiting for him to do is to convince me that he’ll be more effective as a President. However, all he does is ask us to look at previous record to prove how conservative he is.
Sure, he fought before the Supreme Court and won. What he hasn’t accomplished, however, is taking on Congress and winning.

HOW is he going to accomplish that. THAT’S what I want to know!


Oh I see.

I wasn’t speaking specifically of high value operations like that of the FBI or CIA, I was referring more to some of the excessive charges that end up placing non-violent and/or reformed citizens in long term sentences in Federal prisons. I believe the majority of Americans are against these sentences, it was a position that Rand Paul took early in his campaign and he seemed to drive the message home less and less, I presume because it didn’t resonate with his constituents as well as he had hoped.

The logic of maintaining the war of drugs can be argued is warranted, but, the extreme punitive punishment is where the costs really rise. A few years ago when the Conservative government in Canada was in power and pushed a campaign for minimum sentences for drug possession and firearm possession, the state of Texas openly told the Canadian government that it was not the right approach. They stated something to the effect “you will see major costs which will only upset citizens and no improvement in decreasing crime”. For me, hearing that from the state of Texas, which many consider the bedrock of Conservatism it really drove hope a very valuable point. Go after bad guys, enforce the law, BUT, be balanced in sentencing and opportunity for rehabilitation.

We all know that there is a world of difference between a radical, violent terrorist hellbent on mass destruction and some addict who gets caught with low level drug possession. You might recall Obama attacking Romney as having policies that were “from the 1950’s”. I predict this would be the prevailing argument made by the Democrats against any GOP candidate who can’t at least connect with Americans on this important and very costly issue.


One thing you CANNOT overlook when assessing his credentials is that he received NO SUPPORT from the RNC to get elected and NO SUPPORT from other Republicans in the Senate when he tried to hold McConnell’s feet to the fire for manipulating the process and lying to the American public. He’s the ONLY one in the Senate with the guts to tell the truth in the face of the RINO establishment sorts. As President, he’ll HAVE that vaunted “bully pulpit” from which to SHAME them into acting…just like Reagan did to the Democrats who controlled Congress when he was in office. Do you believe that Carter–had he won in 1980–would have convinced Congress to lower income taxes to the extent that Reagan got the Democrats to do???


Is fighting free market trade agreements such as the TPP really Conservative?


What was wrong about the TPP is that by it, Congress cedes control of international trade policy to the sitting President when it’s CONGRESS’ RESPONSIBILITY…not the President’s. Granting more and more power to the President (regardless of party) is a BAD mistake and consolidates more and more power in the Executive Branch at the expense of both the Legislative and Judicial Branches.


The meme that American federal prisons are chock-a-block full of people serving long sentences for simple drug possession is largely a myth, perpetrated by those who think recreational drug use ought to be “legal.” Fact is, those serving time for “possession” are doing so largely as a result of plea-bargaining between their attorneys and prosecutors and their initial arrests were for everything from drug dealing to murder-for-hire. Don’t be fooled by the left’s rhetoric on this issue. It’s mostly smoke and mirrors.


Not hardly, as Carter had no notion of doing so.

My point is that Cruz, MUCH AS I LIKE HIM, is yet to say ONE WORD about using that bully pulpit. He constantly speaks to the past, and little to nothing about going forward.
Sure he tried to hold McConnell’s feet to the fire. Do you think I don’t admire that about Cruz?
Bottom line is, though, how much good did it do us?

Unless he can COMMUNICATE his ideas to us and the Congress, there aren’t enough conservative credentials in the world that will get it done.
That, too, is a proven record.


There is absolutely nothing “free market” by forcing parameters around the ‘free market’. Which is exactly what NAFTA did and what the TPP will do.


…all of which is one more reason to clean House and Senate of those RINOs and replace them with conservatives who aren’t interested in perpetuating themselves in office, but are interested in restoring the Constitutional republic as it was designed for us.


That’s next to irrelevant. What Cruz needs to get across to us is how he is going to accomplish his goals with those who are there NOW.

And, btw, the last time the Tea Party worked their butts off getting only Tea Party candidates elected, we ended up with the likes of Rubio, along with a few others who turned their backs on us just as soon as they got elected.

I’m all for Constitutionalists getting elected, but has little to nothing to do with what I’m asking of Cruz TODAY.