Cruz Leads Iowa By 10, Too Early?


I was hoping this strategy would work but I fear it kicked in a little early, Cruz is up 10 points in Iowa as of the latest poll;

Cruz Soars to Front of the Pack in Iowa Poll; Trump Support Stays Flat - Bloomberg Politics

Cruz is letting Trump expose and destroy the credibility of the GOP and the Leftist Media while quietly building a machine of integrity with resources, this would not be possible without Trump keeping all of the enemies on their heels.

But I am afraid it might have kicked in a little too soon, the GOP now has time to fire all of their guns at Cruz before the voting starts. I wanted those Jackals in the GOP to stay preoccupied with Trump for 3 or 4 more weeks, Cruz is going to need us all in order to remain on top with this many forces gunning for him over 7 weeks.


It may be a little early, but I’ve never understood why people put so much stock in the Iowa Caucus when so many contenders who come out front in Iowa rarely, if ever, make it past the New Hampshire primary.


That’s been true in the past but, the ones that fizzled out after Iowa didn’t have a huge ground game in place in the subsequent states. Cruz has that ground game going in IA, NH, and SC as well as many other states.


Pardon my belaboring the point, but again, so why the need to worry over IA when Cruz is strong in states that have actual primaries?


While the GOP hates Trump, they also hate Cruz because they know that he will do what he says. In fact, both will do what they say whish will disrupt their corrupt playground.

I agree that the GOP will now start to focus on tearing down Cruz. They are doing all of the work for the Democrats. They should just switch parties. However, it may be good that Cruz is surging before Christmas. He will be the topic at many more dinner tables through the end of the year.


It’s called momentum. Every state won, whether it be a caucus like IA or state primaries, momentum (i.e. interest) builds from one successive win to the next. A Cruz win in IA, or any pother state for that matter, is an extreme upset to the status quo of the GOP who have expressed their hate of him from the start.


Just my opinion but I think the Jackals will hold their fire on Cruz until after he (hopefully) wins in Iowa. I think their number one priority is for Trump not to win in Iowa. If they were able to hurt Cruz in Iowa, where would his supporters go? Rubio? Bush? Kasich? No, they would probably go to Trump, maybe a few back to Carson.


Cruz is banking on sweeping the so-called SEC primary, a cluster of southern states that all vote on the same day early on in the process. He’ll have solid support from a segment of the party, and the stage to try to convince the rest of the country. Keep in mind that Cali, New York and Pennsy don’t play much role in helping Republicans win general elections, but they have a big voice in deciding the nominee. Can the charmless Cruz learn to sell his message away from the south? He’ll likely have a golden opportunity to try. I wonder whether, once Paul drops out, he’ll try to sell his message to his supporters who cheered his opposition to the telephone record metadata program.


I hope Trump has them that scared, it would be the smart play on the part of the Establishment GOP but they are not really known for being smart.

If they allow Iowa to go off uncontested by the Statist candidates they might be fearing an inability to recover since they are the ones who have spent decades making Iowa a much bigger deal than it really is, the best insurance against them panicking over Iowa early would be for Trump to hold a strong lead in New Hampshire until the 11th hour; we need the Trump phenomenon to have legs for sure.

About this time in 2012 Gingrich was soaring and the GOP was loading all their guns for an assault in the last week, Cruz has much better resources in the bank and on the ground so I hope he can weather whatever happens but I would still feel better if the liars and snakes had less time to prepare,


In reality Iowa is no big deal but the media and both Party’s have convinced their donors and many, many voters that this early momentum is critically important; if they cannot win these first two for the Left they want to make sure that they are split between two of the ones they despise.

In a practical sense, winning both would insure a strong financial position going forward when the candidates must campaign in many States at one time, the time factor after South Carolina becomes critical because there is just no way to campaign effectively in short periods of time in multiple States without a lot of money.


You do know that the RNC plans on brokering the convention if they possibly can, right?


I know they discussed it but that would require a level of courage that these cowards do not possess, they are fine being snakes in the shadows but not in front of the whole world; I don’t see this happening under any circumstances really.


I think that they hate the frontrunners and the electorate so much that they would. What you see on this board from the RINOs is what the GOP is like.


Fox News poll: Cruz up by 2 points in Iowa | TheHill

When the results are narrowed to Republicans who say they will definitely attend the caucuses, Cruz’s lead expands to 7 points — grabbing a 32 to 25 percent lead over Trump.


I dunno, RET. When it comes to being nasty, these people seem to grow a mighty big spine; especially when they see their power being diminished.

Republican officials and leading figures in the party’s establishment are preparing for the possibility of a brokered convention as businessman Donald Trump continues to sit atop the polls in the GOP presidential race.

More than 20 of them convened Monday near the Capitol for a dinner held by Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus, and the prospect of Trump nearing next year’s nominating convention in Cleveland with a significant number of delegates dominated the discussion, according to five people familiar with the meeting.


Stuart Stevens, a former adviser to Mitt Romney, said the need to plan for a brokered convention is not necessarily all about Trump.

And guess who they plan on throwing into the ring?

Granted, it’d be a HUGE mistake if the RNC pulled this stunt, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they tried it.
Those scumbags will do ANYthing to keep their power.


If it comes down to a convention where no candidate has a majority of delegates I have a feeling that Trump would be very good at playing the behind the scenes “games”; it’s what he does for a living. Historically, nominations by either party that required more than two or three ballots have always lost the general election. Stock up on :popc1:


I don’t doubt that they hate the base enough to do it, I just wonder whether they would sacrifice themselves and the whole GOP in order to express that hatred.

Our own Establishment apologists have nothing to lose by spewing the bile they do but their masters have much on the line, their hatred for us is just as strong but they also know that we are the only thing that keeps the GOP from competing with the Green Party for dead last.


I simply no longer care. It’s all kabuki theater, and the voting public gets shafted in the end no matter what. Who gives a bucket of bilge water which scumbag POS the establishment selects to ‘represent’ us (well, ya’ll, I no longer count myself in any way affiliated with the gop)? It doesn’t matter how the party votes, it only matters who counts the votes. Any o’ ya’ll in on the vote counting process? I’m not and I don’t know a single person whom I would trust who is…

I see three possible ‘nominees’ (scare quotes because I no longer consider the process legitimate): Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio and (in a brokered convention) Mitt Romney as a “compromise” candidate.

The gop has urinated in my face for the last time. They never ever get another dollar from me, and they never ever get my vote.* The democrats, despicable as they are to me, are a more honest political party and more faithfully represent their constituency (which ain’t me, so no money or votes for them, either). Since third party candidates are a lost cause, I might as well stay home. I no longer care to pretend that I live in a representative democracy, anyway.

*Yah, I know, never ever say never ever. If this and that blah blah. They ain’t gonna get behind any candidate I can support.