Cryptic NY Filing Revealed Clinton Foundation Foreign Donations


Clinton Foundation officials used an obscure New York state charity board filing to disclose that the non-profit received nearly $18 million in donations from foreign governments while Hillary Clinton was secretary of state, The Daily Caller News Foundation has learned. The specific foreign governments were not identified in the document, entitled “Exhibit A.”
The latest filing was submitted last January before the public charity division operated by New York Attorney General Eric Schneidermann, a Democrat. The money was given between 2010 and 2013, the exact years when Clinton was America’s chief diplomat.

Read more: NY Filing Shows Clinton Foundation’s Millions In Foreign Donations | The Daily Caller

Foreign donations are simpily wrong. Donations from nations and people hostile to America tells me a politician’s credential’s are in question.


Sam, if we follow the Klintons money trail it will and can only lead to corruption. I suspect that $18 M is a bogus number, they have taken in well over $2 Billion and I would bet there is more money than that hidden away in offshore accts such as Switzerland.

Both Klintons BELONG in prison, but they will never go as our govt on both sides of the aisle is so corrupt, that if one goes they will take many down with them…


It amazes me that these people, SO stupid and silly, are able to get away with SO MUCH of this.

The payola is no surprise - the banksters and other grifters are as silly and corrupt as they are. But how is it they haven’t been kidnapped for a few billion? Or that airhead ugly woman who’s supposedly his kid? Or the baby.

WHY…NOT? All that money just sitting there; and half of it is gonna wind up with the IRS eventually anyway, when they’ take their express-train trip to Hell. The kidnappers would be only robbing the American government - it’s practically a public service, especially if they off their hostage anyway.

How it doesn’t happen, escapes me…