CSS editor

Your site had its CSS editing page show up on my PC. Are you being hacked? It looked like a bunch of gibberish to me but you could clearly see it was code for this website’s makeup. Might want to fix that?

Not sure. What browser are you using and what page did you visit when the gibberish appear?

For whatever it’s worth, I haven’t seen anything out of the ordinary on Firefox (not sure what version; not ancient, but not the latest, either).

It’s outlook express and its showing me the entire code profile of every single webpage I visit. It started with my thread on muslims making cakes but now I can see the script of every internet page I visit. And what’s worse, it allows me to edit and completely destroy any page I visit from the looks of things. So if this is happening to thousands of people or even millions of them, one of them is going to be a teenaged kid with knowledge of how to insert damaging codes and could literally wipe out the internet!

Luckily I’m somewhat of a fumbler when it comes to CSS and HTML. But this is serious stuff. I’ll just keep closing the window and hope my server figures out a way to make it go away.

I ran my antivirus program and it came out clean so I’m going to report this to Microsoft since I think they’re the ones who deal with Outlook issues. This may be a new one.

OK, I notified security at Microsoft. Hopefully it will stop happening.

Try clearing your browser cache and history to see if that clears it up (after a restart of the browser).

Also, check your add-ins to see if a web debugger may have been installed & enabled (if it has, review your security and privacy settings, so NOTHING is EVER installed without a prompt to permit it…). I have Firefox, and a debugger called FireBug that I occasionally enable to review code for features that interest me. It shows me a website’s html & java script in a separate pane of the browser window.

There’s also a feature called ‘View Source’ that exposes the source HTML. If your browser has it, ensure it’s not checked.

Even if you did edit the source code you see, you’re only editing the copy of the html file in your browser cache that was supplied by the web server…
Clearing your cache will force the browser to download a new copy of the web page.

I cleared my browser and the problem “appears” to have gone away. However, I did alert Microsoft just in case.