CSULA Professor Calls YAF 'White Supremacists,' Invites Them to Physically Fight Him


CSULA Professor Calls YAF ‘White Supremacists,’ Invites Them to Physically Fight Him**
LINK: http://www.yaf.org/update-csula-professor.aspx

Just yesterday we brought you the story out of CSULA about students claiming CSULA YAF’s decision to bring Ben Shapiro to campus is a threat to their “mental health” and constitutes racism. But the story just took a turn for the worse.

Now, a professor at CSULA has called the YAF chapter “white supremacists.” Robert Weide, the professor in question, also invited them to engage in a physical fight with him and compared conservatives to Hitler after another commenter joked about it…(SNIP)

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Comment: Unbelievable. Colleges and Universities are where the real hatred in this country lives.


The only racists I see are those calling others racists and white supremacists