Cupcakes With Army Soldiers Get Kid In Hot Water At School


Cupcakes With Army Soldiers Get Kid In Hot Water At School
March 8, 2013 3:15 PM

CARO (CBS Detroit) A 9-year-old boy’s birthday cupcakes sparked a school controversy that just keeps growing, with scores of people lining up against a school principal who found the cupcake’s topping “inappropriate.”

The boy was chided, and so were his parents, for cupcakes featuring little green Army men on the top.

Schall Elementary School principal Susan Wright called the parents at home and said the cupcakes were insensitive in the wake of the Sandy Hook school shooting. School staff pulled off the Army men before they were served.

Stupid, stupid, stupid! Just. Plain. STOOOOOOPID! Otherwise, at least the kids got the cupcakes, minus the Assault Plastic Army Men.


I wish parents would get together and have a mass exodus from public schools already. This is ubsurd.


Cupcakes, Toaster Pastry, Bubble makers???

There may be a silver lining in all this. This is getting so absurd that even the unwashed masses that voted for BHO may be able to see the chink in the armor here.


You’d think it would, wouldn’t you? But I honestly doubt it.