Curious this groups take on recent events surrounding Michael Cohen


If you don’t know what I’m talking about, that in and of it self is pretty telling.

Anyway…For those of you that are familiar with the headlines over the last 48hrs, how might you explain away recent events?

For everyone else, would you agree what’s been uncovered over the last 48hrs is concerning?


Yes, familiar.

Nothing worth explaining away.

Zero concern.


Somehow I doubt that most of the rest of us will have the same concerns you do.


Somehow I doubt that if this were Clinton or Obama’s attorney in the same situation that the concern level would be so low.

I’m holding my opinion waiting for more info, but it does concern me. I’ll give my thoughts once the story is fully told.


BS. You’re “holding your opinion” about like I “hold” my bladder after six beers. You’ve made up your mind that President Trump and Cohen are somehow involved in something illegal and you’re hoping against hope that there is some “proof”.