Current Car and Best Car.


I was just wondering what everybody’s current car/truck was and the best they ever owned. I currently have a 2005 Chrysler 300 Touring with 22" rims, and Premium Sound. The car I had the most fun with was a 2002 Saturn SC2, with my huge amp. I’m slowly becoming a gear head. I love the idea of RWD. I’m sure people here have way more interesting rides. I’m a fat dude, but I’ve always liked smaller cars. The Miata looks super cool. I guess that would be my attainable dream car. What about you guys? I put my current ride as an attachment.


That’s a toughie.

It’s hard to pick a “best.” What is the best car for one person, at one time in their lives…at one time of technology of the time…might have been useless at another time.

One of the better cars I owned was…a 1972 Super Beetle. The Super Beetle was not faster than a regular Beetle; it had a front-end suspension lifted from Porsche. Made it much more of a driver’s car; and it was my first car. This, after I learned to drive on bloated, floaty 1970s full-size Ford products.

The Super Beetle didn’t have a heater worth speaking about - no air-cooled Beetle did at that time. It wasn’t very safe. And this one rusted through very fast…two years after I bought it, for $1100 1976 dollars.

Yet it was a fine car for me. It was independence; it was transportation; it was, after those Fords, FUN to drive. It was economical.

Another time. I was new to the railroad industry…and I found I had to use my car, my old minivan, to cross railroad yards and remote places. The off-road driving damaged the front end of it - and it was too old to make repairing worth it.

It was model-year changeover. I got a lead on a NEW Jeep Wrangler, with four-wheel-drive, for a very-low price. $9999 off the lot. No carpeting; no options; canvas top; but it was new and rugged and lightweight and had an excellent small engine.

I bought it - and in two weeks I got a promotion that meant no more off-road driving. It ALSO meant that I had to drive from Cleveland to Buffalo, on freeways, frequently.

The good multipurpose car became worthless - the one thing a Jeep Wrangler is NOT, is a highway car. I sold it in a year…I didn’t lose money on it; but the nuisance of it irritated me. I got a small Toyota that was much better and much more economical with all that highway driving.

So…it’s hard to say. There’s robustness of engineering; there’s pleasure in operation; there’s how well it holds up; there economy. There is, how well it does what I bought it needing to do. I’ve had everything from a Geo Metro to several full-size sin-bin vans; and all at different points in my life.


Yeah I rode in the jeeps with the canvas top. I was in boot camp, and one of the guys had one of those. In the winter in Michigan we froze in it. I had an economy car once a Ford Escort 98" and it burst into flames one day. It was my first ride on my first date in years. I think the Lord was trying to say she ain’t the one lol. I lived in a town of 800 at the time in the middle of the nowhere so I had to take a heck of a drive to find someone with my interests. That was hard on the Ford, and my mechanic was my sisters husband who didn’t know half the time. I don’t drive much these days just around town. So it doesn’t cost a ton to keep a nicer car running with cheap low millage insurance. Before I had to have an economy car cause my mom lived way up north.


My first car: '64 Corvette. Started saving for it when I was 9 years old, put down $2500 bucks on it Christmas my Senior year in HS, had a $41 buck a month car payment.

I LOVE my Jeeps and have been driving them since the 60’s, my fav was my '03 Rubicon, now I have a '15 Rubicon

My fav Corvette, '01 Z06, that is me in the yellow shirt and red hat picking it up at the Corvette Museum, that is the 'DOME" that had the sink hole under it and all the Corvette fell thru. [ATTACH]2760[/ATTACH]

I love my '15 F 350 King Ranch Dually truck, of all the trucks I have owned its my fav


I think my best car is my current car - a '98 Subaru Forester. I bought it in 2003, and it only had 22,465 miles on it. It has over 131,000 now, but I don’t drive a lot any more, although going to town to church, or to buy groceries puts a few miles on it - around 20 miles one way.


Best pickup I ever owned is my current one, a 2005 3/4 ton HD Crew Cab with the Duramax Diesel engine, scary power and two years before they junked them up with smog garbage.

Best car is a tough question since I have owned many cars for many different purposes, my favorite “fast” cars were all home built (Mostly Chevy’s), my favorite commuter car was a Nissan Sentra (Never broke and used little gas and oil for over 200,000 miles), my favorite family car would be a toss up between our current Buick SUV and a 1980 Oldsmobile 88 that I rebuilt from wrecked myself back in 1991 and drove for about 10 years in our “poorest” days; it had great reliability when we could not afford a troublesome car (And I put a small block chevy 400 in it when i built it so it hauled ass as well).

Currently building a 1965 El Camino, it will have a modern Vortec engine with electronic fuel injection but look old school from the outside, these have always been my “favorite” old school shells and is also the year of my birth so that adds something (not sure exactly what), I have had many incarnations of these old El Camino’s over the years but none were stock in any genuine sense of the word.

I have made some goofy stuff as well just to see if I could pull it off, car body’s converted to 4 wheel drives and home made convertibles; the 4x4 El Camino was my “favorite” monster type project but a V-8 Vega was a close second just because it ran like a raped ape in spite of having very poor handling.


I could get into that El Camino, although I am more partial to the 1968-72 body.

In general, though, I was never a GM guy. Those were the days when Planned Obsolescence was open and horrifically quick…the cheap assembly; the body rust; the lack of support from dealers or Mother GM. I know, it was the times; but the whole reason VW and then the Japanese brands got a toehold was, they didn’t play that game.

My parents mostly had Fords…which were better, but not much better. Not engineered as well; and rusted as fast or faster. But Fords were consistent in quality of operation, at least as long as the body held together. GM products were hit-and-miss - their full-size cars and their light trucks were superb, up until the 1973 truck line. But the compacts, and then the Vega…AND the Chevette…were criminally exploitative.

My old man was dabbling, trying to find a better brand. He bought a Rambler in 1962 - it was junk, and actually I now know that wasn’t typical. They had issues, mostly due to their being engineered by a small company on a budget - but most of them held up better than his.

And then he had a Kaiser, a 1969 J-100 Wagoneer. Buick V-8 which, with the GM three-speed automatic, was indestructible. The whole chassis, in fact, held up well. It was the niggling little details…which came, again, of a very-small company, Kaiser-Jeep in its last years, trying to build a mass-market utility vehicle. The paint; the wiring harness, various body parts like window regulators…all were problems. It would go through mufflers, once a year. Tires wore incredibly fast - driven by a conservative late-forties owner.

So, he gave up and bought Fords, until Chrysler was reborn (with ex-Ford management) and put out better product. His last car was a Dodge minivan - the same one I later used on the railroad.

Me, I got the bug for Jeeps. If I were to do a build today, I’d try to get a Jeep C-101 chassis - the 1960s Jeepster-Commando - and put a early-'00s Jeep four in it. Lighter than the V6 those came with; and as much power; and MUCH more trouble-free. And the wow factor, rolling down the street. There never were many built, and most of them have rusted apart. The ones left are very, very rare. Not worth that much, yet, but rare.