Curveball Turny

Now for all that have forgotten the Arcade shame on you!!! This turny has room for three more players. In the last turny for this game I took second place while Brett destroyed me but he isnt here anymore. Think you can take me on ladies?


Arcade - Tournament System

Come on we need one more person. Not this will be a 3 person tournmement as Jo$h is not long a part of the site.

Sorry, man. I’m not into Curveball. Asteroids or Tetris I might give a shot to.

Er, I can post at work because I can launch a script, or run an application, or I have time between clicks. I can’t play games though, that would just be abusive.

Oh don’t do that. I don’t want to get you fired. I might play on my lunch break in the back but not on taxpayers dimes.