Cyprus Church Loses EUR100 Million, Curses Those Responsible


Cyprus Church Loses EUR100 Million, Curses Those Responsible | Zero Hedge

Perhaps it was their comment last week that “with the brains in Brussels… the Euro can’t last,” but the Orthodox Church of Cyprus has lost over EUR100 million reacted to its holdings in Bank of Cyprus. Church leader Archbishop Chrysostomos II, in comments on TV, noted that “Cyprus asked for ‘crumbs’ compared to large size of Europe’s budget,” and that those responsible in Cyprus should be punished (he blames the outgoing government, Ministers of Finance, the Central Bank, and the Executive Directors of Banks) - “those that brought the place into this mess, should sit on the stool.” He noted that people will lose jobs and the state will be poorer but that the Church is prepared to help; and his first step - to send invitations to the heads of various Russian companies on the island.


So with a “tax” of 10% on savings…the Orthodox Church of Cyprus has to pay 100 million Euros…or around $130M.
This means that the Church has $1.3 billion in the bank.
Anyone think that amount seems somewhat excessive for a Church?? Seems like that kind of $$ should be being spent on good works.


Nice, blame the victim. Doesn’t the point that they are seizing ANY portion of ANYONE’S savings bother you in the least?


Of course…and it has me watching carefully for the spread of this disease. Nevertheless it is entirely possible to comment on other parts of a story without signifying agreement with the premise. I really like to do that since I made my comments on the confiscation of savings topic several days ago and have nothing further to add. Since you chose not to comment on MY comment, may I assume then that you find a billion dolllars in cash in the coffers of the Cypriot church perfectly fine and nothing worth commenting about. What would Jesus say about that amount of money in a Church account? Perhaps we should look to HIS Palm Sunday activities for a clue…unless of course you’d rather continue discussing what I did NOT comment on and asserting special knowledge of my beliefs based on what I did not say.


I think the actual theft-by-government was in the 30%-40% range, but the appropriate answer, frankly, is, “Not our business.” It might be for building maintenance and construction, it might be for salaries, it might be for missions, it might be for humanitarian aid, it might be “All of the above.” It might be for a host of other things of which we here in the US have no idea. Now, if anyone here has actual detailed inside information about the operations of the Cyprus Orthodox Church, there might be something worth questioning and discussing. But a question based on sheer ignorance?


Perhaps if you’re not a member of the church you should not care about it’s business. Perhaps it’s no one’s business what anyone else has unless you’re directly involved. I don’t give a rat’s rump what Bloomberg, the Kennedy’s, Buffett, the Vatican or anyone else has unless or until they start telling me what I should and shouldn’t have. That’s your major problem cam. You look at others totally separated from you as a means to an end to justify whatever position you happen to be espousing at the moment rather than just leaving people to their own devices. If you and the other Repub’s would just stay out of peoples lives and quit trying to take over the same failing system you might have a prayer of winning another election.